picture post: Patrick was here

I would have written sooner but my internet connection was finally fixed by this really nice Comcast tech yesterday. And I’m still not writing something but posting these pictures instead. You want words? I’ll try to have something in time for Sunday morning afternoon.

On to the pictures!


Tiffany ceiling

The first full day that Patrick was in town, we explored the Chicago Cultural Center. That building is just gorgeous.


Patrick on the half-shell

Patrick takes a moment at the MCA. Yes, that is a giant oyster shell in which he is reclining.



Friday night, we went to Crisp for dinner with Nite. Patrick took a length of paper toweling off the communal roll on our table and fashioned a scarf out of it. Fucking genius.


Happy 40th Birthday Chris

Chris’s surprise party! It was so much fun. The drinks were really delicious, and the food! The food! I inhaled bacon=wrapped figs, wild mushroom tarts, and all sorts of other yummy treats like it was my job.

(Just spotted Scrapple And Eggs on @Foodspotting)

scrapple at The Publican

I had scrapple and eggs and bacon and hash browns at the Publican for breakfast on Sunday. Afterwards, I wanted to lie in bed and moan. It was simply too rich for one meal.


Hear it. Share it. Tweet it. Post it.

I saw a lot of these kinds of stickers on the Volkswagens at the Chicago Auto Show. I did tweet about it, but did not get a free t-shirt. Free shirts given away at trade shows rarely ever fit and when they do almost never look good. #sadface


Robyn in blue

Robyn was supposed to play Chicago Friday night, but had to postpone due to illness. She came to the Riviera with opening acts Natalia Kills and Diamond Rings on Monday, which was Valentine’s Day. Spending V-Day at a Robyn concert, watching the show with Patrick, Thom, and Nite? Perfection.


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