Patrick twirls

At Chicago Cultural Center

Patrick touches the bust of Ira Bach

Today, Patrick and I:

  • Had free breakfast at the hotel.
  • Walked to the Cultural Center to see several art exhibits, including the photography of Vivian Maier.
  • Walked through the Pedway to Macy’s.
  • Saw the painting of SNL’s Seth Meyers currently on display in the furniture department.
  • Ate lunch at Macy’s – Takahashi Noodles and Marc Burger.
  • Took the bus to the Adler Planterium.
  • Took the bus back to the Jewel on Roosevelt.
  • Bought mad snacks at Jewel.
  • Walked back to hotel.
  • Surprised the sweet housekeeper, who was just finishing up in our room when we returned.
  • Dropped off our snacks in the room.
  • Changed into bathing suits.
  • Splashed about in pool.

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One response to “Patrick twirls

  1. Alissa

    You were all up in my old hood, I see. Sounds like you two are having lots of fun! Two of my regrets are that I never ate at Marc Burger and didn’t go to the Adler again before leaving Chicago. Glad to hear you’re taking care of my unfinished business without even knowing it. 😉

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