Sean the laughing birthday boy

I don’t remember what’s going on here. Here in this picture, I mean.

stupidness in the hallway

Woodward Court, 1995

Nadine is wearing the insane floral polyester shirt that my mother bought at a flea market for a quarter. We all seemed to like this shirt very much. And when I say “we” I mean me and Nadine and eventually Maria, who took it off my hands and then maybe traded it to an old co-worker for an even crazier shirt. We are still teenagers, living in the cinderblock wonderland that is Woodward Court.

High five!

High five! (Philadelphia, 2007)

Nadine is just out of this shot, which I got by pure luck. Okay, you’re a little fuzzy but obviously laughing, which means one thing: clearly, I’m fucking hilarious.

Eden and Sean

Eden and Sean are already friends (Washington, D.C., 2010)

After the Rally to Restore Sanity, we made our way to Eden and Leo’s to eat chili and drink bourbon. After we ate all the chili and drank all the bourbon, we went out for more drinks. We found a bar where we could sit outside, drink shots, and heckle everybody who wandered past us. Especially those folks in unfortunate Halloween costumes.

Happy Birthday Sean! You look awfully good for whatever age you are (I am too classy to say what it is here).


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