cooped up with cabin fever

This is Boh. He’s been keeping me company at home. Say hello!

I haven’t been going out much. I blame the weather! I blame my own tendency towards sloth. Also I blame not having a lot of money to do the things I used to like to do, like going to the movies and eating out. I need to get better at finding free or cheap fun. What else is there to do apart from going to the museums on their free days, visiting the library to borrow more young adult novels, and visiting my sea bird pals at the Lincoln Park Zoo?

I suppose I could fill my time with my job search, even more so than before, but it’s hard to focus when all I want to do is lie in bed, eat chips with queso dip, and watch television. If I could use monetize those activities, I think I’d be set for life. Or set for the rest of winter, anyway.

I could use some company. Would that I were as gorgeous as Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago, and had a man as devoted as Omar Sharif to keep me company (only without the whole political upheaval and war that would eventually doom us to part, obviously).

If I could find six other spinsters, we could dress up in old fashioned underwear, put our hair up in pin curls, and perform “June Brides” from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

But as it’s just me and my laptop, if I can manage to avoid going all “Jack Torrance” I would consider myself a cabin fever survivor indeed.


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