18 Below

Saturday dinner

Saturday dinner

It’s really cold here so I don’t think we’re doing anything today but eating, playing Angry Birds, and eating until I have to leave for the airport.

Last night, Maria made dinner. I helped, sorta. It was DELICIOUS. It was too snowy to do anything but sit indoors and eat steak and watch “Sex and the City” on CosmoTV.

This morning, Maria made muffins and eggs and coffee, and I fried the maple bacon. When you fry maple bacon, the grease looks like syrup and you have to resist the temptation to drink it straight out of the pan. Because it’s HOT GREASE.

Clancy’s photo essay “The Return of ‘Baby Doc'” is here. Read it! Leave comments! “Like” it on Facebook!

I’m going to make myself a milkshake now and wonder about my future. Maybe I’ll go to Haiti in March when Clancy returns? Please leave suggestions below.


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