Hey Canada


hello, Toronto


  • Arrived two hours early at MDW. Ate McDonald’s at gate A3.
  • Flight arrived from YTZ late, around 11am for an original departure of 10:50. Board plane at 11:20.
  • Depart 11:49 Central.
  • Smooth flight, fluffy clouds, some sun. I read The Dirty Girls Social Club (book for book club I just joined) and ate snack.
  • Took video of landing at YTZ (see previous post).
  • Overcast in TO! Hey, Canada!
  • Take ferry to shuttle (free, provided by airline, thanks Porter!), then shuttle to Royal York. Original plan to take TTC to Maria’s by myself is changed when Maria, on break from work, surprises me at Royal York! Hurray! She walks me through underground walkway to Union Station.
  • Catch TTC to Maria’s apartment building, which is nice. Get keys from Jason the doorman.
  • Spend 10 minutes trying to let myself into wrong apartment.
  • Take 2 minutes to get to correct apartment.
  • I’m in!
  • Cats are indifferent to my presence.
  • Maria home at 4? 5? We walk two blocks to get some more ingredients for saag, also wine from wine rack.
  • Make dinner, drink wine, eat in front of “Murdoch Mysteries,” which I love.
  • Sleep.

I've got new mittens!


  • Wake up late.
  • Find chorizo, eggs.
  • Shower.
  • Make chorizo and eggs.
  • Wait two hours for phone interview that never happened. Grrrrr.
  • Talk to another recruiter who is awesome.
  • Walk around for a few blocks. Sunny TO!
  • Buy Coke Zero, gum, chocolate.
  • Maria home!
  • Take TTC to Dundas Square, where I take pictures.
  • Walk to Eaton Centre where I buy awesome Team Canada mittens.
  • Holy shit it’s cold.
  • Streetcar to Queen Street East, where we look at cool antiques and furniture.
  • Streetcar to Queen Street West to cool shop.
  • Walk to Reliable Halibut for dinner. OMG SO GOOD.
  • Walk past De Grassi Street – as a lifelong Degrassi fan, I am moved and take a picture of the street sign.
  • Have two drinks at Maria’s favorite bar, The Comrade. Bar is awesome, drinks are delicious.
  • Streetcar back to train. Buy corn nuts at train station.
  • Maria confirms I have Asian flush.
  • Back at apartment, watch tv.

Dignity at Casa Loma


  • Farmer’s market at Brick Works.
  • Drive around fancy neighborhoods.
  • Drive through High Park.
  • Drive to Kingston Market.
  • Inspect hippie and hipster goods.
  • Go to Rol San for dim sum. Get cranky after long wait but food is worth it.
  • Drive to Casa Loma, which is exactly as fun and beautiful as I had hoped. I want turrets in my next home.
  • Decide not to go to movies.
  • Okay, it’s really snowing now.
  • Buy meat and dairy products at Loblaw’s (!).
  • Drive home.

Presently: watching Notting Hill and waiting for Clancy to come home.



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3 responses to “Hey Canada

  1. Alissa

    I was wondering why Casa Loma sounded so familiar. Then I remembered I saw it in an episode of Being Erica (on Soapnet, because…I apparently watch Soapnet). Anyway, “Erica” worked there in the episode. It is purty. I am a nerd. I’m glad you’re having so much fun! 🙂

    • OMG, I love “Being Erica”. Hope it comes back to US tv soon.

      In the basement of Casa Loma, they hang posters of movies that were shot there. No poster of “Scott Pilgrim”, though.

      • Alissa

        I keep seeing commercials for the new season. I think it starts soon, if it hasn’t already. I didn’t realize parts of Scott Pilgrim was filmed there either until you mentioned it! Everything cool is filmed in Toronto these days, it seems.

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