This is a very famous and important blog.

I’m in somebody’s top ten. Rather, this blog is.

I know, right? This Is Jasmine is on The Core’s list of top ten UChicago blogs.

I’m surprised because I was convinced that the only people who read this blog were me and, well, me.

I’m pleased because I’ve read some of the other blogs on the list and they’re, you know, good and interesting and useful. But being that the other blogs on the list are witty and introspective, and therefore what I would naturally expect from blogs written by U of C students/alumni/staff, I wonder what I’m doing there.

Like, I’m not doing important work (or any work at all — please hire me!) or anything that might garner me a Nobel Prize one day. An Ig Nobel, maybe, if I ever came up with something as inspired and awesome as The Emergency Bra.

My tenure as an undergraduate at the U of C was, as I recall, rather unremarkable. I won no honors or awards, earned no accolades or scholarships. I didn’t perform extraordinary service for the University community. I didn’t even live in a fancy dorm (Woodward Court, R.I.P.) I had a bunch of work-study office jobs. I didn’t really date. I wrote a fake advice column (actually, that was pretty great) and edited the humor section of a student publication that went under years ago. I nearly got arrested when I was head judge of Scavenger Hunt in 1998. Well, that may not be true, but it’s what I like to tell people whenever ScavHunt rolls around in the spring. I once sang, a cappella, Steelers Wheel’s “Stuck in the Middle of You” at the Womyn’s Union spring quarter coffee house.

I swear! I swear on the seal in the floor of the Reynolds Club that this is not false modesty. I swear on the C Bench, I swear on Shake Day, that I am really bemused and bedeviled by this honor.

I think the thing I like best is this equation given with the listing:

Jasmine Dávila (AB’98) = “I am awesome” × snark2

I promise to live up to this particular formula, written by Asher Klein, ’11, for as long as I have something to blog about.

Or at least ensure that he is credited properly when I start slapping it on some merch.

Thanks! Go Maroons!



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2 responses to “This is a very famous and important blog.

  1. Alissa

    Go Jasmine! Yay, I know someone famous! 😉

    Well deserved honor, I’d say. About time someone put you on a list of awesomeness.

    • Aw, thank you, kind lady. This is pretty cool. I wonder if I should bug the magazine staff for a badge or something. Like a U of C blog seal of approval! I demand badges!

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