Nite at the Museum

Behind you!

I signed up with some temp agencies this morning. I probably should have done this sooner, but there you are. I e-mailed a recruiter I’ve been working with, and wrote an e-mail to an HR director for a firm I’m very interested in.

Then I looked up 2011 museum free days (thanks, Explore Chicago!) and decided to go to The Field Museum. I called Nite and got him to go with me. Score! A pal to join me on my adventure. Now I had a reason to shower.

I had to run for the 146 bus, but I made it, all huffy and out of breath as I slumped into a seat next to Nite. We compared Christmases and New Year’s Eves as the bus cruised down Lake Shore Drive, then Michigan Avenue, State Street, and Roosevelt before depositing us on the museum campus. The bus was full of tourists and retirees. The thing about being unemployed and out and about on a non-job seeking errand made me feel like I was playing hooky, nothing but me and my BFF and a bus pass.

I thought there’d be less children — don’t you kids have to go back to school yet? — but the museum wasn’t insanely crowded. Nite and I decided not to buy tickets to special exhibits, saving our money for lunch at the McDonald’s in the museum (don’t judge). Also, Nite bought an apatosaurus made of wax from a Mold-O-Rama machine in the basement. We thought she (yes, it’s a she) was a brontosaurus (because we forgot that they don’t really exist) so we thought of names for her as we climbed up the stairs to the main hall after lunch.

“Buster?” I suggested.

“Brenda?” Nite countered, then looked doubtful.

“Bobo!” I yelped.

“Wait.” Nite looked at the warm wax figure in his hand. “Charlotte Brontë-saurus!”

Success! We took pictures with Sue the T-Rex in the main hall, then continued our visit.

There were shenanigans with a motorbike in the “Africa!” hall:


And also tomfoolery:


We examined models of animal poop. Giraffe poop looked very neat and compact while rhino and hippo poop looked rather explosive. We saw lab technicians cleaning fossils in an open lab and peered into a model of a Pawnee lodge. Gems in the gem hall, jade in the jade hall, and a bronze statue of Pacific islanders engaged in cockfighting. An exhibit covering the evolution of the Earth freaked me out with skeletons and fossils. And then we got tuckered out, as people in their thirties are wont to do, and snoozed on the bus back home.


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