Sunday kind of Jasmine

At Cloud Gate (The Bean)

I went for a walk today.

That’s sort of true. First I took the bus to the Macy’s on State Street, where I discovered that Marc Burger, along with the other counters on the seventh floor, was closed. Closed! I was forced to eat a cheeseburger from the food court in the basement.

And you know what? That cheeseburger was DELICIOUS. Also the young lady who took my order was lovely. I wish I’d gotten her name so I could write her managers to say “She was so pleasant and efficient and totally did not judge me when my fat arse got cheese AND bacon on my burger. Please give her as much money as possible to keep her happy.”

After Macy’s, I swore I’d spend some time exercising, so I walked around Millennium Park. Which was lousy with tourists and ice skaters and couples getting their engagement pictures taken by Cloud Gate (strikethrough because everybody calls it) the Bean.

I walked over the snaky BP Bridge, pausing briefly to warm my face in the sunlight, and found myself in Grant Park. Walked north through the Cancer Survivor’s Plaza up to Park No. 546. I bet that park has a real name but I’d prefer to call it that. It had a cozy dog run but is that weird, to go to a dog run when you have no dog? Over to Lake Street, then around the corner to Michigan Avenue to catch the 151 bus home. I thought about getting off in Lincoln Park to repeat my Saturday walk but I was feeling lazy and bused it all the way home.


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