epic blog post from Kyle Killen

I thought this was hilarious. You may think so too. At the very least, you may think it’s gross and wonder “Jesus, Jasmine, what the hell are you reading on the internet?”

Does it help that Kyle Killen (why do I want to keep typing “Kylie Killen”?) created the tv series Lone Star and wrote the upcoming movie The Beaver?

There was a moment where we were both too shocked to say anything, but then I realized that the look on her face was a particular brand of horror. Not just, gee, that’s gross, but, OH MY GOD, PERVERT! I felt compelled to explain that, no, no, I’m not a pervert, I’m just a normal adult who ate bad pizza rolls, crapped his pants in a crowded field and crab walked to a dumpster to dispose of his underwear. There’s really nothing to be frightened of at all!

“Epic” [The Letter Eleven]


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