“Let me know if there’s anything I can do.”

Dear everybody:

You, my friends, are awesome. The people who have called and written to me since losing my job, offering support, advice, and food, have been great. You say things like “You’re smart and capable.” and “I know you’ll find something.” which are wonderful to hear.

Though to be perfectly honest I’d like to be hearing more things like “I heard about this job I think you’d be perfect for and it pays eleventy billion dollars a year and all you have to do is update your Tumblr blog with brief semi-legible notes about what you ate for lunch.” Or “Hi. You just inherited a bunch of non-taxable money from someone who is very much alive but wanted you to have the money now because you seem to be in a pickle.”

I read earlier this week that fashion blogger Bryan Boy makes $100,000 a year from his blog. I took to my bed immediately.

Actually, I should stop whining because I’ve already got calls with two recruiters scheduled for next week. And I just did an e-mail interview today. I think my answers for that were alright but I totally regretted one after I sent in the e-mail. Maybe it’s just me being anxious but as a writer I worry about words.

I was supposed to meet with a recruiter yesterday except that the funny little cough and runny nose I had all week turned into, like, the worst cold ever where every breath would wheeze through ever orifice in my body EXCEPT my freaking nose and mouth. So I had to e-mail that dude to cancel (haven’t rescheduled yet but I totes will) so I didn’t, you know, infect him. First impressions, ya know?

I feel like I’ve written my resumé three gazillion times and it still sucks. I need four, actually:

  • resume for QA work with just work experience and skills
  • resume for QA work that has an overview as well as items mentioned above
  • resume for writing/blogging
  • resume for other miscellaneous (where else would I be able to include my nascent interest in opera?)

Let’s not even get started on cover letters.

If you want to join my “Jasmine Davila Resumé/Cover Letter Reading/Editing/Feedbacking League of Champions”, leave a comment below or message me on the Twitter (I’m @jasmined) and I’ll get you a copy.

Also I’ve been posting stuff on the internets!

  • “Intern Jasmine’s Links of The Daysian” – the usual roundup of links [DISGRASIAN]
  • “Lawrence and Julie and Julia” – this kid at Northwestern is watching Julie & Julia everyday for a freaking year. [Gapers Block]
  • “When Aunt Flo Comes to Town” – it’s about awesome period panties, y’all [Gapers Block]

And I posted my “tomorrowland” post to my BlogHer profile.

I didn’t make any “Take Your Jasmine To Work” outings yet but I hope to soon.

I’m really excited about writing stuff on Figment.com. Dave (husband of Jen Disgrasian, and my DISGRASIANtern predecessor) told me to write stuff on it. Actually, he told me to just write stuff in general and so I have. I started writing a memoir-ish serial about my time at private school. Dave tweeted that he wants a chapter a day. I’m doing my best to write that often. I’m doing it, and it scares the pants offa me.

Finally, I talked to Maria earlier this week. She’s been one of my resume readers, and she gave me a lot of industry-specific notes. That, of course, I half-remembered. Maybe because she told me that I’m visiting her and Clancy in Toronto next month and I have no choice in the matter and I started getting all excited about going to the land of Degrassi, poutine, and Justin Bieber.

Which totally makes this the second time I am visiting Canadia-land because of those two wacky people (the first time being because of their AMAZEBALLS wedding back in February 2008, and I still haven’t written that trip report). And I could not be happier or luckier to do it.

Updated: Um, I need to make a special shout-out to Grace K., who sent me a huge box of stuff from The Body Shop. Just because. I may be jobless but at least I smell fancy. Thank you!



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3 responses to ““Let me know if there’s anything I can do.”

  1. C.

    If you need another little red school house grad by association (i.e. Luke taught me) to join the Order of Jasmine Davila Resumé/Cover Letter Reading/Editing/Feedbacking League of Champions, I’m game.

  2. Byl

    Argh. When I was fresh out of the Peace Corps and new to Chicago I thought finding a nice job would be a snap, despite my Liberal Studies degree and my complete lack of useful work experience. Needless to say, it was not a snap. I remember so many times when Thom or someone else would say that they had a surprise for me, and every single time the first thing to come to my mind would be that they had found someone willing to pay me to do something non-humiliating. Hang in there lady- we’ve all been there and we sure are rootin’ for ya.

  3. I won’t say “let me know if there is anything I can do” because I don’t know you well enough to say that. I am sorry you lost your job, and you rock. I wish I DID know you well enough to help look for listings that would befit your brilliance, but I don’t… So I can’t.

    But I do say, damn, you are awesome, and you’ll come out ahead. Just sucks it happened at the Holidaze.

    Rock them fragrances, love! You and I both love smelling good!

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

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