jive turkeys

First plate

The buffet at the Mity Nice Grill was delicious. I should have taken pictures of the whole spread, including the dessert table covered in chocolate covered marshmallows, but I think this picture of my first place (there were three in all, though plates two and three were nowhere near this full) should suffice.

Nite and I waddled down Michigan Avenue, which was pretty busy. Quite a few stores were open, with people shopping or just browsing. Maybe hiding favorite items that they planned to return for the next day.

Burlesque was a load of fun, but there just wasn’t enough actual burlesque. Also, Alan Cumming was in it, basically reprising his take on The Emcee from Cabaret but you barely saw him. Also, Christina Aguilera can’t really dance but I think we knew it. Some of the songs were catchy. You know what was really great, though? The lingerie! So beautiful. It reminded me that I needed to go bra shopping.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as scrumptious as mine, and that you didn’t get elbowed in the face (well, at least not too badly) during the shoppers’ amateur hour known as Black Friday.


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