strange her on a train: collide

the ticket

I upgraded my coach ticket to DC after all. I’d been checking the Amtrak web site and the afternoon of my departure, it finally showed a roomette available on my train. I phoned in to buy the room so I wouldn’t have to spend 17 hours in coach, trying to sleep in a not-quite-reclined seat without injuring my neck or back.

When I went to Union Station to exchange my ticket, I saw zombies (or actors dressed as zombies) handing out flyers for Illinois gubernatorial candidate Scott Lee Cohen.

Boarding the train was a breeze. An Amtrak employee in the Metropolitan Lounge (free wi-fi and snacks and bag check and comfy chairs for sleeper car passengers!) escorted us sleeper car folks to the train ahead of the coach passengers. In no time at all, I was settled in room 12 of car 3001, and making the acquaintance of Cliff the attendant. Though I’d not made a dinner reservation, Cliff was kind enough to let Robie and Octavia know I’d be arriving at 6:30 to eat.

Octavia seated me with Susan and Jim & Barbara. Susan was on her way to Washington to meet up with some of her bridge-playing friends, while Jim & Barbara were on their way to Boston? Philadelphia? New York? to visit friends. I told them I was headed to DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity. They seemed pretty amused and enthusiastic.

After dinner, I lay in bed for a bit, reading updates on Twitter about the World Series, the season finale of Project Runway, and everything I missed on television. I decided to take a shower. That shower coincided with the train hitting a car.


I don’t think anybody was hurt though. Though I was slippery, nekkid, and had shampoo in my hair, and the brakes being applied made water slosh out of the shower stall into the wee dressing room where towels and soap are kept for showering passengers, I was fine. I just thought we had another freight train in front of us, which had caused a stop earlier in the evening. I thought nothing of it, getting dressed, and getting into bed for what turned out to be a great night’s sleep.


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  1. Jill Rollet

    What an adventure!

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