rundown: particuliere

I got mah nails did.

After work, I thought about just going straight home and falling asleep in a Mrs. Stouffer’s frozen entrée. And I did, eventually, but first I got my nails done.

The last time I got my nails done was nearly two months ago, at a quick and cheap place in Santa Monica. I went with Celi, and Seema, and Elle before Celi’s wedding, and after we had lunch at Anisette. I got a pale pink on my fingers that flaked the next day (I blame the humidity of Los Angeles) and Chanel Dragon on my toes. The pedicure remained largely intact, if a bit overgrown, and I finally got tired of looking at them in their wild state. So off to Nail Bar I went.

I usually go to this dirt cheap place in Lincoln Park but it’s always a bit of a schlep from the el and we all know how lazy I am. Nail Bar Chicago is 1.5 blocks from my house, even closer if I cut through the yard of Nettelhorst School as a shortcut. I brought my own colors, Chanel Dragon for the feet (hey, when I like something, I like it) and Chanel Particulière for my hands. My fingernails are the color of mushrooms.

When I got home, I watched some Hawaii Five-0, played some Angry Birds (argh!), and checked Twitter and Facebook updates about the Chicago cyclone that never quite happened. I saw this tweet from Leah Jones:

Immediately I sent her a private direct message via Twitter to say something to the effect of “You too?!” Because it has happened to me once, and I think it’s charming. But more to the point, I wanted her to spill about who OkCupid matched her with. Because I am nosy and saucy, according to the description as defined by a long ago English teacher who said it meant “unduly interested in other people’s love lives”. It’s the only definition I use.

Leah obliged me with their Twitter names, and I found that I already was following most of them myself. It got my mind grapes all pressed up thinking that a speed dating/mixer thing involving everybody we know might not be an impossible idea. February, and Valentine’s Day, is only three or so months away, after all.



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2 responses to “rundown: particuliere

  1. I think this is a fantastic idea! Seriously, I’m sure these “Single’s parties or mixers or what have you always seem like a good idea and end up being less that. But still…get the right group of people in one room and it could be fun, with our without tales of marriages because of it. In other words, count me in and willing to help organize! (This is secretly just a cry of desperation!)

  2. Leah

    I went on an OK Cupid hiatus a few days later. Seriously, when every page includes someone I already know (and maybe already crushed on) in real life, guys my friends have dated or just… meh. I had to take a break.

    I am all for some sort of singles mixer. Maybe the marrieds in the media world can be the hosts?

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