rundown: the wheel

To ease myself back into the habit on a (semi) regular basis, I’m going to take inspiration from my brother and post rundowns of my day-to-day activity.


Wake up later than intended (10AM), leaving no time to shower. I do, however, have time to watch HGTV, while I get ready.

Leave house, take taxi up to Furama to meet Carly and her friend Brandon for dim sum. Forget umbrella in taxi. Frankly, I’m surprised it took me that long to lose. I always lose umbrellas.

Dim sum is tasty and filling. Carly says she knows she’s going to be hungry in two hours. I suggest we make our way down to Fritz Pastry for a snack. It’s near Rotofugi, which Brandon wants to visit before he checks out the MCA later that afternoon.

Broadway bus to Diversey. Diversey bus to Southport. No crazies on the Broadway bus, which is unusual. Though I am annoyed/entertained by trixie who, when we drive past the French market at Nettelhorst (Saturdays from 8am to 2pm, April to November), shrieks “Oh my god, a farmers market!”

Thanks for that.

I am happy to see Elaine at Fritz, and we chat briefly over the dessert case. She asks what we’re up to and when I say we’re off to Rotofugi, she says to tell the folks at Rotofugi hi for her.

I manage to polish off an iced tea and three macarons by myself. Carly and Brandon split three between themselves.

Hey, I am a very motivated eater.

When we leave Fritz to walk over to Rotofugi, the sun has come out to warm up the day. I start regretting my decision to wear a wool coat out of the house, though not much more than my decision not to shower and wash my hair.

I haven’t visited Rotofugi since they moved to their new space on Lincoln and Diversey. The store looks great, and it’s so airy. I check out art, I ogle many vinyl toys that I want to take home, and wonder when the Roto-A-Matic machine will start working. I buy a new mousepad. Brandon got some vinyl figures. I think I want to live at Rotofugi among the vinyl toys and art books and plush Labbits and happy vegetables.

Walk to brown line stop at Diversey. Brown line to Fullerton, Red line from Fullerton to Chicago. Brandon walks to the museum while Carly and I do some window-shopping:

  • Nordstrom Rack on Chicago and Rush: It’s a mad house! I nearly buy a blue bra and a pair of heels but as I’ve already exceeded my clothing budget for October, I walk away.
  • Anthropologie: Like Nordstrom Rack, also new to the block on Chicago and Rush. Everything is so pretty and floral and twee and expensive. Carly reminds me we could probably find most of the accessories at the Korean places on Clark near Wilson.
  • Walgreens: We needed water. Everybody else at the store is gawking at the Chicago souvenirs, which are shelved at the front of the store, and therefore standing in my way.
  • The Disney Store: Don’t judge.
  • The Apple Store: Officially, Carly and I are here to check out the new MacBook Air. Unofficially, we are here to check out the cute guys who work here. Case in point! The dude who helped me the last time I visited the store, is totally there. Carly and I play with the iPads, and I show her Tumblr. I keep a Tumblr blog at If there’s anything to blame for my absence at this blog, it’s my Tumblr for sure.

Brandon texts Carly that he’s finishing up at the museum, so we walk over to meet him in the MCA gift shop. I buy these paper glasses with little dotted lenses that remind me of someone I went to school with from seventh grade through college, so of course I have to buy them. Also because I look hot in them.

Carly and Brandon head off for an early dinner at Lou Malnati’s in River North, while I head north on the Clark Street bus for dinner at Hamburger Mary’s. Opposite me on the bus is an older gentleman with his two impossibly tall, high-cheekboned adult children.

I stick my head in a magazine until I get to Andersonville, at which point I realize I’m about 35 minutes early for dinner. I browse at Women and Children First, then decide to sit on the bench in front of Hamburger Mary’s until 6pm. I don’t get to sit undisturbed as the neighborhood crazy dude asks me for money, then ogles me after I turn him down. I yell at him, twice, to fuck off, and he comes back with some rude remarks before shuffling up Clark Street. I debate calling 311 when Jeff turns up. Jeff promises he’ll deal with crazy dude if he returns.

Hamburger Mary’s is full, while Mary’s Rec Room is not so we go there to eat. Ron, Oliver, and later Other Jeff arrive and we get down to some eating. Also talking about Jack Ryan and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. But most importantly the eating. Chicken tenders. Deep fried pretzels for dipping into a beer and cheese sauce. A burger with red wine sauce, cheese, and minced garlic. Mashed potatoes and endless glasses of soda.

Like I said, I’m a very motivated eater.

The reason we are all at Mary’s is to see the latest Hell in a Handbag Productions production, “The Rip Nelson Halloween Spooktacular”, currently being staged on the weekends at Mary’s Attic. The play is totally ridiculous and utterly fabulous which means of course you should go see it immediately.

After the show, we make it to SoFo for a drink. The music at SoFo is pretty terrible, though the place is overrun by a bunch of people in costume celebrating their birthdays, so it’s fun for a while. Also, I discover that Other Jeff is a fellow Amtrak fan, so we talk trains for a bit. I turn into a pumpkin around 10:30, though, so I take myself home on the Clark Street bus, which avoids the clusterfuck of drunk trixies and chads on wandering drunk on Clark between Addison and Newport by detouring to Sheffield. Smart move.


Again, up later than usual.

Even though I have laundry and dishes and cleaning to do, not to mention packing for DC next weekend, I say fuck it to all that (and to washing my hair because I’m a filthy beast and I DO WHAT I WANT), I pencil in my eyebrows, make with the dry shampoo, and get out of my hovel.

I do not regret it. It is a beautiful day. I take the bus to the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool which is finally open at a time when I am inclined to visit.

The lily pool is beautiful. Serene. I think about napping or just meditating but there are other people stumbling through, quietly though, so I take some pictures and enjoy the sunny afternoon.

The Lily Pool

It’s amazing. I wonder if it’s open in winter.

As the Lincoln Park Zoo is just next door, I go there next. I duck into the food court to have a soda when it starts raining. I receive a telephone call from Khloé. Because she and Jeff and baby Coco are also in the food court, having arrived at the Zoo at almost the exact same time that I did.

I love synergy.

We (deep breath) look at the big cats, ride the carousel, have a little tantrum (Coco only), dance around, eat crackers, look at the big cats again, look at the penguins, look at wild dogs, and then sit down while we think about getting something to eat.

I suggest Isla Pilipina up in Lincoln Square, so we get the Lincoln Avenue bus. When we arrive at the restaurant, we discover that Isla is booked up for the night. The nerve! I feel stupid for using my iPhone to look up things like bus schedules and maps (for the driver, who is new to the route) but never once calling the dang restaurant to see if, you know, we could actually eat there. Of course, I haven’t been to Isla since they were featured on “Check, Please!” so they’re all popular with non-Filipinos now. Success! But not for us.

So we go to Café Selmarie instead. I know. Poor me. I had to settle for pork tenderloin and pear cider and garlic mashed potatoes and a dark chocolate orange torte. I had to console myself with sitting outside on a perfect fall night while Coco played with a spoon and then her macaroni and cheese and then ran around the fountain. Poor me.


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