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Andrew will thumb wrestle you to the ground.

Andrew will thumb wrestle you to the ground.

Yesterday was my friend Andrew’s birthday. Rozi invited me over for dinner to surprise him. She invited Joe, Jacinda, and Hyacinth as well, so it would be a little party for the birthday boy.

I took the Metra with Rozi up to their house in Evanston, stopping at Tag’s Bakery to pick up a mini birthday cake and two cupcakes for dessert.

Andrew was surprised to see me, and I was delighted to see him and little Nathan. They’d picked up Nathan’s Halloween costume that day, which explains why Nathan answered the door wearing an Imperial Stormtrooper mask.

Andrew gave me a tour of the house. Nathan joined us upstairs, wearing the Stormtrooper costume and in bare feet. Which led me to wonder what kind of shoes did the Stormtroopers wear in Star Wars.

Rozi went out to get the food, while the rest of us stayed behind to wait for Joe, Jacinda and Hyacinth to arrive. Nathan wanted to know when Hyacinth was coming, so I dialed up Jacinda to check.


“Hi! This is Jasmine, calling for Nathan. Is Hyacinth there?”

“Yes! We’re about a minute away.”

I looked at Nathan, who waited at me at my feet. “Hyacinth will be here in one minute.”

Nathan looked pleased. “A minute!”

“Yes, just count to sixty.” And then I wondered what would happen if Nathan counted super fast and they weren’t there.

I got off the phone with Jacinda, and Andrew explained that some people’s minutes might be faster than others. Nathan seemed satisfied with this, and we went into the playroom to wait. We didn’t have to wait long, as Hyacinth arrived with her parents, then Rozi came back with the food, and we all got ready for dinner.

We had Chinese food, then the birthday cake. I presented Nathan and Hyacinth with the little wooden recorders I bought from a friendly vendor at the train station in Albuquerque. They bounced up and down while we sang.

I made videos of the kiddos, which they seemed to enjoy, insisting I’d replay what I recorded so they could study themselves before making their next video. It was hilarious, and the whole night was lovely.

Happy birthday, Andrew.


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