i like to watch: Buried

Buried opens in select theaters September 24, nationwide October 8

You guys, I saw Buried tonight, and it was awesome.

The end.

Just kidding.

But you know that while I love movies, I’m not the most articulate film critic. So imagine how difficult it is for me to find the words to talk about a movie the likes of which I don’t think I’ve seen before. Which reminds me that tonight, at the post-movie Q&A with star Ryan Reynolds and Rodrigo Cortés*, this dude asked some question where he actually said “other movies like this” and I was all “What other movies like this?”

I spent 90 minutes either on the edge of my seat or cowering in it while Ryan’s Paul Conroy wondered who put him in a wooden box and who, if anybody, would get him out.

Also I developed a healthy fear of sand.

I cannot wait for you guys to see this movie.

* PS: Rodrigo made a funny joke when introducing the movie, saying that if we liked it he was excited to be its director but if we didn’t then “what the hell did [he] know, [he] didn’t write it!” Funny and with an awesome Spanish accent? I swooned right there.



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2 responses to “i like to watch: Buried

  1. Li

    First, the movie poster is Saul Bass-level awesome.
    Second, I am dying to see this and glad to hear they pulled it off!

  2. I am SO glad you liked the film, Jasmine! (And when Rodrigo introduces the film, it cracks me up every time. “If you like it, I am the director and I am responsible for your happiness. But if you didn’t like it? What do you want – I didn’t write this shit.” And it’s that point when Chris busts out laughing, because he DID write this shit. 😉 )

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