Pressing The Mind Grapes: pencil skirt

it's funny because it's true.

Project Rungay take a look at Halle Berry on the cover of the September 2010 issue of Vogue. “”Y’know what else pisses us off? The fact that in order to be both black and on the cover of Vogue, you have to pretty much be legendary. A nobody like Sienna Miller farts and she gets the cover, but if you’re dark-skinned, you need to have a trailblazing, legendary, award-winning, first-name-only recognition kind of career in order to get there.” [Project Rungay]

Some British men were polled on which fashion trends they felt made women look “promiscuous”. There are just so many things wrong with that, but I don’t have the brain power to unpack that right now. [the Cut – New York]

Bill Hader wrote this piece, which appears as part of an Esquire package about James Franco. I kinda want to make out with James Franco and Bill Hader now. [Esquire]

Please join the Wish Stephen A Happy 40th Birthday Project. It will be awesome, historic, and historically awesome. [Happy 40th Birthday, Stevie!]


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