Pressing the Mind Grapes: DREAM on

Can we get The DREAM Act passed already? Folks like David Cho need to stay here in the States and remain awesome. Damn. []

Bryanboy‘s going to be judging a contest at Bergdorf Goodman for Fashion’s Night Out, which takes place on September 10. I would die of jealousy except that I think it will be awesome. Yay, Bryanboy! [Bryanboy]

Terzo Piano: I want to eat there now. [Jaunted]

The Joe Zee tv show I was praying for is going to happen. I can only hope Joe in a Chanel yeti-suit makes a comback. [Styleite]

Dance break!

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One response to “Pressing the Mind Grapes: DREAM on

  1. The DREAM Act is one of our ongoing campaigns along with other domestic workers organizations we’re affiliated with as well as NAFCON (National Alliance for Filipino Concerns).

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