pressing the mind grapes: Texas belt buckle

Designer Alexander Wang thought the movie White Girls was “genius”. [Teen Vogue]

These raw-cut rings kind of gross me out. They remind me of when you squeeze a really gross spot on your face. Not that I ever do such a thing. Anymore. [Best Bets]

I love the I Love Maker []

Not sure I’d stay in a hostel when travelling (I like to spoil myself when possible) but Gadling has some tips on what to look for in an excellent hostel. I would guess that any hostel advertising itself as inspiring to or inspired by those Hostel movies would not be on the list.[Gadling]

I wish I’d gone to BlogHer ’10 this year. Hoping to read more about Flat Jasmine‘s antics from Rachel soon. In the meantime, there are some Twitpics! [Twitpic/talesofrachel]

“I’ve got a big Texas belt buckle! Yee haw!” Oh Lane Pryce, when I didn’t think I could love you more. [S4E3 – Mad Men – “The Good News” – The A.V. Club recap]

So, is a “Texas belt buckle” a thing? EW! [Urban Dictionary]


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