Have bonnet, will travel

In exactly three weeks, I will be boarding the Southwest Chief to Los Angeles to see Nate and Celi get married. To prepare, I will take out my suitcase, open it, and stare at it until the night before I leave, which is probably when I will actually begin packing.

In the meantime, I feel like a totally valid way to get ready is to watch movies that take place on trains. Or at least feature trains in some way or another.

I love that part at the beginning of The Harvey Girls where Judy Garland, after giving her last crust of bread to a greedy little girl, gets adopted by some women on their way out west to work in a Harvey House restaurant. Unfortunately, that sequence is not available on YouTube, but the clip of the company singing “On The Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe” is.

Clearly, what I need to pack for this trip are bonnets. Shitloads of bonnets and my dancing shoes, as I intend to get down with whatever goofy yet endearing cowboy greets me at Union Station come September.

Assuming there is no cowboy come to call for me, I’m going to ask Christina (who is letting me sleep on her couch durnig my visit, for those nights I am not staying at the O Hotel) if she can have Marty come pick me up instead.

Mr. Marty will see you now


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