run, fat girl, run: a little workout whine


The lobby of the building where my gym is located is home to a Così. Whenever I go to the gym I am assailed by the smell of hot, delicious sandwiches right before I huff and puff away on a treadmill for 30 or so minutes. And then I smell those hot, delicious sandwiches again whenever I leave.

Since I’m still doing Couch-to-5K with the assistance of an iPhone app that lets me know when and how long I have to walk and run, I have to spend a few minutes before each workout cuing up the treadmill to match the program. Is there a treadmill that can download pre-programmed workouts from the interwebz or my phone? If not, can there be one please?

One of the things I have to do on the treadmill is enter my weight. I know I can just use the “Quick Start” option to get going but I’m obsessed with the treadmill having my weight down. Do I burn more calories if I’m fatter? Also, can I be annoyed that it takes forever to scroll up to my weight, as the treadmill shows 150 as the default value?

Right now, the only people who know my weight are me, my doctors, the lady at gym who took my measurements during orientation, and the treadmill I walk/speed-walk on.

I pick the treadmill I use by whether or not it faces or sits near a mirror. Whenever I catch myself in the mirror, I always seem to be moving slower than I feel.

I have a weird admiration for those ladies who go can go all out on the elliptical trainer and read People magazine at the same time. I think I’d get motion sickness.

My Franken-geriatric raver sneakers are sturdy but they weigh, like, five pounds. Each. I’m serious. I weighed myself without them today and I was a full SEVEN POUNDS LIGHTER than the last time I weighed myself.


I think I saw some skinny girls giving me a dirty look while I was working on the abductor/adductor/some medieval torture device that made my thighs want to puke. As if being at the gym didn’t feel enough like middle school gym class.

The girl who teaches the Zumba class either wears false eyelashes or really thick mascara. I haven’t taken a class with her yet but I am intrigued by her beauty regimen.

I want to look all sleek and fast in my workout clothes on the bus home. Instead I look like I only ever wear stretchy pants and stretched out tank tops. That is, when I’m not wearing eating dresses.



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4 responses to “run, fat girl, run: a little workout whine

  1. talesofmy30s

    All I have to say is, go you. I still can’t face a gym because of middle school and high school PE, even though I know I would benefit from heavier weight training than the wimpy dumbbells I use.

    Think of me instead of them. Or something.

  2. I haven’t been to the gym in forever. I know how you feel about looking at other people and feeling intimidated but don’t worry about them. You’re taking great steps to being healthful. Hopefully when I get back to working, I can unfreeze my gym membership. I like the gym near my house because it’s all different kinds of people at different stages. Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves. The people I did manage to talk to seemed friendly enough. I like the tread mill and the bike machine. I can watch TV and work out at the same time. There’s also loud hiphop playing throughout the gym and it’s fun to work out to. I also liked the African dance class. There’s a live drummer. I’m proud of you!

  3. Very proud of you. Keep it up!

  4. fitpy

    I’m not sure that I could workout at a gym next to a Cosi, I’d be ducking in for the bread samples more than running.

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