pigs, printers, and pudus

Thursday, July 29

I put on a sundress and went to the Art Institute after work for a Gapers Block/Explore Chicago meetup. Admission to the museum is free Thursday evenings, from 5:30 until closing time at 8:00. If I’d known members could just cruise in and bypass the line, I would have done so. But the guards managing the line looked so stern. I didn’t want to bother them.

Except for a brief guided tour through the Sound + Vision exhibit, I spent the evening talking to other GB writers while drinking grapefruit juice. It was a beautiful night for talking, mainly about food. I didn’t feel like ending the evening right away, so Lisa and I went to get food. She suggested The Silver Palm after we discovered we were too late for burritos and milkshakes at Irazú. As I am partial to eating food in an old train car, I was totally down for this.

Pups, were there for four hours. It was so much fun! Mainly, we talked more about food and cooking and travel and libraries (her boyfriend works in a library) and comedy and food again. Lisa got a burger while I opted for the fried chicken (which was fried super hard, and therefore perfect with a Coke). I didn’t get the Three Little Pigs sandwich that The Silver Palm is famous for, but I will totally get it the next time I go there for a meal.

Friday, July 30

I attended my first Printer’s Ball. I already wrote a post for my Tumblr blog here, and posted a photo post on this blog. But I have some notes!

I was worried about stinking up the joint, as I was just coming from the gym without having showered. But I didn’t work out super hard (believe me, my unchanging weight reflects that every time I get on the damn scale) so I didn’t sweat a ton and therefore I did not stink. But even if I did I’m sure the smell of toner and beer in the air would have masked it.

After getting a beer and a photocopy of a print of the text PROTECT YA NECK (Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang!), I found Andrew, Christian, and their pal Leah sitting at a table near the beer line. As I soon discovered, their table was situated for some really excellent people-watching. It was almost as good as the people-watching at Art Chicago a few months ago. Bearded boys imbibing beers while lugging books and wearing babies in baby Bjorns on their bodies. I saw Rudy, who I haven’t seen since college, and Ted joined us for a spell. I did see some art and papermaking on the second floor when I decided to get off my arse. It’s also when I ran into Jenni and Joe, and I got to see Jenni’s tattoo-in-progress, which was beautiful.

I left the ball so I could get dinner at Oysy nearby. I think I may have forgotten to tip, which is shitty because my waitress was so nice. I may go back on Friday night and find her and slip her some cash assuming she doesn’t try to kill me on sight. I’d looked up Oysy on my phone at the ball prior, to make sure it was still open. Andrew peeked at my shoulder, and we both wondered why my iPhone’s auto-correct feature wanted to substitute “pudu” for oysy. Who even knew what a pudu was? We looked, and guess what?


You are now powerless in the face of so much cuteness!

You’re welcome.


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