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Monday, July 26

Cynthia and I usually eat lunch together. Usually I’ll get something cheap from the basement while she eats some delicious leftovers from home. For once, I had something frozen but not entirely unhealthy (it was organic, so that’s the story I’m sticking with) in the breakroom fridge, so we ate our lunch while talking and watching television.

The thing about the breakroom television is that it is always tuned to CNBC. Which makes sense given the nature of what we do, but it’s kind of boring. It’s the only public tv in the office, and is rarely tuned to anything else but CNBC. I can only remember a handful of times when it was tuned to something else:

  • World Cup (2000, 2006, and 2010)
  • Presidential inaugurations (but then every channel is covering that, right?)
  • People vs. Michael Jackson – I remember standing there, watching the verdict announcement while eating microwaveable edamame with my friend Sarah

We tuned into House Hunters International, a show that I love except that the buyers are always kind of dull. Which I’m beginning to think is a requirement to be featured on that or domestic House Hunters. Cynthia correctly guessed that they were Canadian before we found out they were shopping for condos in Montreal. Also, it was annoying to me that they kept saying they were buying a home. Isn’t it a house until you make it a home? Also, the word “townhome” — is that really a word? I don’t think it is. So stop using it.

After work I went to the gym. My schlepping on the treadmill for the sake of slugging through the 9-week program that is Couch-t0-5K actually felt good. Afterwards, I was hungry. I updated my Twitter to say as much:

Sirs, I did not have pancakes, instead I had a lot of roast turkey at Boston Market and it was AMAZING. Actually, it was okay, I was just starving. But seriously, the people who work at the Boston Market in Old Town are really nice. There were other folks in workout clothes having dinner. Of course, they didn’t get a mountain of mashed potatoes (with a gravy lake in the middle, natch) but that was the difference between me and them.

That, and I was probably the only 30-something woman to head home and watch ABC Family teen fat camp drama Huge, which I am not afraid to say that I enjoy even if whatshername who was in the musical of Hairspray is the series lead and also its most annoying player. Things I want more of in Huge: Amber and George (girl, you should have kept his damn hoodie), Dr. Rand and the surveyor dude, and Paul Dooley as the grumpy camp cook because he is my model in being a curmudgeon.

Tuesday, July 27

I think Cynthia and I had too much fun at Doolin’s. We visited the party supply store because Cynthia had to get bingo cards and chips for a church seniors event. The chips were green because the theme of the event was “Going Green For Jesus”. Love it!


Party hats at Doolin's

The lady who rang Cynthia up, Chris, was such a sweetheart and a funny lady to talk to. She told us about Watra when Cynthia inquired about getting candles to light and put in paper bags for outdoor lighting, then gave Cynthia some insane discount and made us promise to come back very soon.

When we stepped out into the sunshine, we found a young woman trying to zip up an adorable, smiley pit bull into an large backpack. The dog kept sticking his head out to say hello and tried to lick her arms as she, laughing, hunched over to tuck him in. She explained that while she hated to tie him up in the heat, she wasn’t allowed to let him gambol around the store while she picked up an order of balloons. The compromise she’d come up with was letting him ride around in her pack. We tried to help but the dog was all “Ooh, let’s play a game! Ooh, look, we’ve got more friends to play with!” and wiggling. Once he got zipped in, she put on her back, grimacing as this dog was pretty big, and hiked up into the store.


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