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The Puppet Bike takes a picture of me

The Puppet Bike takes a picture of me

Saturday, July 31

It’s a Saturday recap! Which means bullet points! Also this is, like, the fourth blog post I’ve written today, and I’m tired.

  • Lunch: I missed the Gaztro Wagon truck when it rolled through Lincoln Park to coincide with the Green City Market. I took the bus to Bucktown and had a breakfast sandwich at the Riverside Deli.
  • Shopping: I was meeting up with Alissa, Jon, and some of their friend’s at the Goose Island pub on Clybourn, so my afternoon consisted of shopping for some cute presents. I hit the following shops in Bucktown and Andersonville:
    • Marc By Marc Jacobs: Cute store, with lots of cheap, cute things (and more cute, not-so-cheap things)
    • Let Them Eat Chocolate: Truffles, and an afternoon iced tea for me while I re-charged my iPhone
    • Toys et Cetera: Temporary tattoos, which are fun at any age. Especially when they are of unicorns and mermaids.
    • Paper Trail: Pop-up birthday card, cupcake bandages, and Bar Bingo.
  • Drinking: My first time at Goose Island. Their food menu is pretty good. Chorizo quesadillas! Roasted beets with feta! Alissa liked the presents, especially the tattoos, I think, and I talked off the ear of Matt’s cousin’s fiance about, of all things, the academic job market (he’s doing a Ph.D. in econ at Northwestern).

I didn’t go to Wicker Park Fest, or the thing on Southport. I saw the Puppet Bike when I was in Andersonville. I felt we made a connection. We might be in love.

Sunday, August 1

Jon and Alissa were in the middle of moving their stuff from one temporary home to another. Their apartment building, flooded two weeks ago, is still unavailable. During a trip to move stuff, I met up with them for brunch at the Ann Sather on Belmont.

Swedish pancakes

Swedish pancakes!

Oh baby, would you look at that? I love the Ann Sather on Belmont because of the awesome murals. It feels very cute and Swedish to me. Jon let me have a bite of one of his cinnamon rolls. Holy crap, was that delicious. I contemplated ordering my own, but as I already had pancakes and bacon and spaetzle to finish, I decided to stop right there. And I barely touched my spaetzle.

We split up, Jon and Alissa to finish their move, and me to wander about. It was too beautiful a day to stay in, and I wasn’t too keen on heading home to do laundry. I found my way to the Museum of Contemporary Art, where I chilled, had a soda on the terrace, and did some art appreciating.

Iron & Swine?

Iron and Swine?

Cute neon pigs in iron. Hanging hunks of wood and Calder mobiles. I felt like I was in an art haze. Or maybe that was just my left contact lens acting up.

Eventually, I made my way back to the neighborhood, and treated myself to a pedicure at Nail Bar. It’s not my usual spot with the surly Asian ladies, and certainly it was more expensive. But for once, when I said I wanted square nails I actually got square nails instead of slightly rounded nails that I feel make my toes look misshapen and my feet look like Fred Flintstone’s.


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