tim gunn & me


Tim looks awesome. I look terrible.

I won’t be home to watch the season 8 premiere of Project Runway (boo!) because I’ll be partying at the Art Institute with my fellow Gapers Block people (yay!).

So please enjoy this picture taken of me with Tim Gunn when he appeared at BlogHer ’09.

We can talk about my shiny-ass forehead and white t-shirt that makes me look like a balloon at a later time, okay?



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2 responses to “tim gunn & me

  1. I’m still kicking myself for falling asleep in my hotel room when he was doing his thing there. I love him…

    • You know, I almost didn’t do this. I was at the humor panel, which was totally crowded and therefore not funny at all! So I booked, just as the speakers (The Bloggess, Jessica Bern, and some other lady) were walking in. I got a BernThis.com lip balm out of it, though.

      Anyway, I ended up waiting to meet Tim Gunn, which was totally fun as I met Haley (@princesshaley on twitter) and Donetta (@donettaallen) on line and we had fun collecting samples and just hanging out. I did not ask Tim for any advice. I feared he’d totally look at me and say “Dear, I don’t think we have time for that.” So I just asked him for season 7 gossip instead.

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