wee small hours

1. This past Sunday. Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. A temporary gallery housed in a storefront. Jacinda draws my attention to a series of black and white photographs, in particular a blurry shot of a girl wearing a Sarah Lawrence t-shirt. It’s very just out of school, these pictures. Jacinda points to the pictured t-shirt, then gestures at the photographs, then back to the t-shirt.

“Well, that’s pretty redundant, wouldn’t you say?” She walks away, leaving me in her wake. I just stand there, trying not to guffaw so hard I drool all over my pretty yellow dress.

2. I’m trying to decide which fictional football team is more compelling, the Panthers from “Degrassi: The Next Generation” or the Panthers from “Friday Night Lights”.

3. I am now that girl who has no compunction about getting straight onto the bus home after leaving the gym without showering. I don’t think I smell too terribly. At least, nobody ever seems to move away or wrinkle their nose if I take the seat next to them. It’s just that, my gym is so thrifty that there is no towel service, and I always forget to bring a towel from home. Also, the thought of carrying around a wet towel in my bag grosses me out. I suppose I could always air dry in the locker room.

That’s a thought.

4. I swear my gym shoes get heavier every time I wear them. It sounds like I’m making excuses so I can buy myself new sneakers but seriously, I could probably hurt somebody if I ever accidentally kicked one off and it flew up and hit a person in the head.

5. I need to get right with vegetables. And stop fucking around with carbs.

6. I need to stop typing and get to bed already.


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