hang with me

Can we just take a minute to watch this video and marvel at how wonderful this song is?

Okay, take another minute. It’s so worth it.

I think by now you’re probably wondering what I did this weekend, so let’s begin.

Saturday, July 24

I had this plan that I was going to do all sorts of cool stuff, like check out the fancy new Target that’s 10 minutes from my house. Seriously, Target is my happy place.

Stop laughing at me.

Anyway, I got there and it’s all new and shiny and full of smiling Target employees wearing headsets or walkie-talkies on lanyards to complement their red tops and khaki pants. I was greeted by a security officer in blue who had a serious expression on his face.

Oh Jesus, please let him tell me I can shop.

“Good morning, ma’am, I just wanted to let you know that our machines are down so everything is cash only.”

Huh. So that explains the long line of people standing at the Chase ATM stationed near the entrance. I shrugged, smiled, told him I’d be cool, and wandered around the first floor of the new store. I figured that being restricted to the cash in my wallet would ensure I wouldn’t go crazy buying shit.

I really only paid attention to ladies clothing. I had bought a very comfortable black dress a few weeks ago, and considered buying the same dress in a deep purple. Which would mean I’d have two dresses that were virtually indistinguishable from each other. Huh.

I noticed that the selection of plus-size offerings was decidedly not plus-size, which was consistent with what I’ve seen at other Targets. Also that the fat lady stuff is jammed next to the pregnant lady stuff. Of course this is confusing to me, unless the people who figure out where to place stuff on the floors figure that all the stuff for ladies whose size is a permanent or a temporary condition can just sort it out for themselves.


I found a pair of shorts to wear while working out. In the regular lady section I might add. Let’s hear it for vanity sizing!

After Target, I took the bus downtown, fully intending to go to the Art Institute. Instead, I ended up checking out some books from the children’s section at the Harold Washing Public Library. It was kind of weird, being a grown lady, checking out young adult novels (which I’ve read like a million times already but that’s beside the point), and having no children with me. A boy and a girl, looking about 8 and 11, shot me weird looks as I browsed the shelves, ultimately picking out some books by Ellen Conford.

After a brief detour to Old Navy, where I left my iPhone in the dressing room after trying on a super cute tee shirt with fluttery sleeves and then ran back to after I was sitting on a bus and wondering why I couldn’t find it so I could play Scrabble, I spent a couple of hours at the office, enjoying a soda and trying to figure out what was going on at River City, where Jon and Alissa live. Friday night storms had flooded areas all over the city. The garage at River City was completely flooded, knocking out power and water, submerging all the cars in the garage. Alissa and Jon reported tenant unrest and emergency reponses via Twitter, and I did the best I could to get them some help and attention. They are staying with friends, but they don’t know yet when they’ll be able to get back into their place. At least they are safe. You can read more about the flooding at River City here on CBS 2 Chicago’s web site.

I got myself home. Did I shower? I don’t remember. I responded to an open invitation to join Elisa and Kelly at Gaztro Wagon. OMFG, it was so good. I ate myself silly with them, Jeff, and Danita. We sat quietly in the tiny eatery, stuffing ourselves with these ginormous naan-wiches. Mine had chicken thighs, mushrooms, brie, thyme and rosemary. I followed it with dessert, two oatmeal cookie creme pies made especially for Gaztro by the fine folks at Fritz Pastry. Oh, and there were also plantain chips. I made sure to share. Sort of.

Danita had brought several decks of tarot cards, doing readings for me and Jeff (separately, of course) while Kelly and Elisa talked to the chefs. It’s hard for me to explain properly how my reading turned out, though I will say that the question weighing on my mind was about work. And when I say “work” I mean “writing” but I never specified which writing. This writing? The screenwriting I’ve been putting off for years? Something else? I used to write short stories. Anyway, there are changes ahead, which would unfold anytime in the next four weeks or four months. I promised Danita I’d tell her about my progress.

After dinner, Elisa drove up to Evanston to get frozen yogurt at Red Mango. Kelly and I tagged along. It was a hot night, and Red Mango is small, but the line really only seemed to be for people waiting to get smoothies. A few people in animal costumes cut the line after we’d already been served. The costumed yogurt junkies were harmless enough but this girl sort of pretend-ran away from them, yogurt firmly in hand obvs. I just rolled my eyes. If a screeching annoying person in a smelly animal costume is enough to scare you off your yogurt, you’re an idiot.

Sunday, July 25

Um, the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival was kind of lame. The art was few and far between, displayed in a few storefronts lining the avenue from California up to Kedzie. The street was closed at Milwaukee and Logan to accommodate a stage and some tents where people sold crafts. Joe, Jacinda, Hyacinth, and I made our way south from the square and looked for art.

We didn’t have much luck, though this guy at one of the storefront galleries told me he liked my dress, a yellow sundress I bought at Old Navy three? two? years ago. Anyway, it looks cute, and I knew it would. But it was annoying because I couldn’t tell if this dude was flirting (albeit lamely) or if he was just trying to get me to buy some art.

We ended up getting hungry as we turned around on the route and scored a table at Revolution Brewing. We all had burgers, except for Joe who got the housemade bratwurst. It looked amazing. My burger was awesome. Jacinda got some burger that had roasted beats AND an egg, and I was kind of jealous for a second but then I remembered I had my own awesome burger.

Working at Revolutionary Brewery

The end, of course, to this perfect day was coming home to get in bed, arrange my pillows just so for maximum relaxation, and watch the season four premiere of “Mad Men”. Which was incredible. Glad to see that Joan got her own office but did she not have her own office at Sterling Cooper previously? Also, I think I was more shocked to see Peggy drinking and smoking in the office than to see she had a steady beau who may or may not or may be her fiancé.

More thoughts on “Mad Men” later. Or at least links to recaps I like. I also managed to watch new episodes of “Drop Dead Diva”, “True Blood”, “Entourage” (don’t judge me), and two new episodes of the new season of “My Boys”. Which I think is just so much fun and totally underrated (especially since I did not love it from the beginning) that I will probably blog more about that show than I would about “Mad Men”. Which seems sacrilegious, I know, but I suspect you and I will get over it soon enough.


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