10 years: should we party?

Pretty flower!

So I was thinking, you know, that in years past, to celebrate my blog’s anniversary, I’d do something special.

Eat a meal, have a drink, maybe sing some karaoke.

I think I’d like to do something for this blog’s tenth anniversary, so help a blogger out? Leave suggestions in the comments? At least tell me what you think of the possibilities I have:

  • lunch or dinner at Isla Pilipina, my favorite Filipino restaurant — it’s not that big a place but they can push tables together and they’re super-nice and it’s inexpensive
  • drinks somewhere fun and what’s that word? cheap at some bar that used to figure prominently in the old flip front and/or my twenties, like The Beachwood in Wicker Park, The L&L in Lakeview, The Corner in Bucktown (formerly known as Rich’s First One Today), Jimmy’s in Hyde Park, or Carol’s Pub (Thursday night karaoke?) in Uptown
  • karaoke! Maybe at Carol’s (only on Thursdays, though), the Hidden Cove, or the ever mysterious, ever weird Karaoke Restaurant located in Korean strip mall on California

Who’s invited or involved? You mean apart from me? Nobody yet. I’m not yet sure of how organized this needs to be. I could issue a blanket invite here on this blog but it would suck if, say, 30 people came to Isla Pilipina for dinner and they were all “Dude, we’re out of lumpia.” and then I’d be sad.

Also, we probably wouldn’t do this until some weekend or Thursday night in August, more likely late September after I get back from vacation. So that should give me some time to compose an invitation, and give you some time to figure out an excuse to give me when you decide you won’t come out, or! decide what kind of special makeup or hairpieces your celebratory outfit shall require.


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