mild pug

And the debauchery begins....NOW by jeff.ramone

Jeff‘s birthday was earlier this week. He reserved some tables and got drink specials at Wild Pug last night. The wristbands had cute skull and crossbones. I got one though I did not drink, because I believe in being well accessorized. I should have had some water at least, as it was hot and humid and I was full of Greek food (more on that later).

Elisa made a chocolate cake with peanut butter cheesecake frosting. I had a bite of Jeff’s slice — it was so good. So very rich and moist but not heavy that I felt like I wanted to take a nap. As one does in the middle of a bar full of people.

I spent most of the night sitting near the front of the bar, near the open windows, talking to Elisa and Nite. Groups of people would stand on the sidewalk outside, peering in, looking confused. We thought they were trying to figure out if the bar was gay, or straight, and whether or not they should come in. By the looks on the faces of some of these folks, you’d thought inside they were thinking “OH MY GOD GAY! I’m going to catch GAY!” In which case, they are big old losers and they shouldn’t come in and wreck everybody’s good time.

I thought you should also know that before I went to Jeff’s party, I had dinner with Kathy in Greektown. We’d exchanged text messages earlier in the day, debating what to eat and where to go. When we decided on Greek food, she asked me if there was a restaurant I liked, and I said something like “Um, the one that looks like Mamma Mia?”

The restaurant:

The Mamma Mia trailer:

I am dealing with the heat by singing Roxy Music’s “Oh Yeah (On The Radio)” and pretending I’m on a yacht.

It can only be so long, though, before I find myself, in my underwear, splashing through the Crown Fountain and scaring all the little children.


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  1. I’m still bummed I couldn’t make it. But adding my two cents about the Pug, Wednesday game show night is madly fun. And you were sitting at my Wednesday night crew’s table 🙂

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