pressing the mind grapes: humidity

I believe I am currently wearing the outfit I’ll be wearing to Nate and Celi’s wedding in September. This dress cost $30 at Target. The sandals cost $25, and they too came from Target. Khloé my financial planner would be so proud of me.

I’m praying that “K-Town” gets picked up so I can recap it for DISGRASIAN. I’m hoping Jen and Diana will also let me recap the reboot of “Hawaii Five-O” so I have a legitimate reason for ogling Daniel Dae Kim.

I’m not going to Sarah and Greg’s wedding. I’m terrible because I haven’t yet RSVP’d yet to say as much, and I still haven’t sent them a gift. Le sigh. I have no idea what to send them. For some reason, their outdoorsy, Western wedding has me thinking that I should send them a cowboy boot stuffed with cash. Tacky?

It’s humid as balls here. I think I want to eat gelato while wading around in The Crown Fountain. Weird?


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