“mom”; or, an e-mail from dad

My mother’s birthday was yesterday. I got an e-mail from my dad about what the family did to celebrate.
Today we celebrated mom’s birthday by having Pizza with uncle Gerhard. Jackie, Patrick, mom and I were in attendance. Uncle Gerhard was quite surprised with our visit but appreciated it greatly.¹
He said thanks for constantly checking on him either by calling and even occasionally visiting him. Wish I know his email address, I dont think he’s on facebook, doubt he even knows what it is.
Any way I’m just letting you know we had a good time but especially mom. She started the day by going to church then a short shopping trip to BJ’s where she got a ‘third’² present. All told her hoard consisted of 2 necklaces and a Turquoise ring. Not bad for a gap-toothed, half-blind, 61 year old, who still bitches about having to do a pile of dishes whenever she came home to College Point.
How was your day? Hope you had an equally exciting day.³

  1. Uncle Gerhard is my great uncle. He was married to my late great aunt Ched. He was a photographer for the Associated Press. He was born in the Bronx after his parents emigrated to the States from Germany. He is awesome.
  2. I have no why Dad enclosed the word “third” in apostrophes.
  3. I’m pretty sure this is here because I, um, forgot to call my mother on her birthday. Or it could be a perfectly innocent question.

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