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heart-shaped (7/9/2010) by jasmined

Things, people, places, and ideas that are currently taking up valuable space in my head that might otherwise be devoted to more important pursuits like cleaning my apartment, doing my laundry and, I dunno, achieving world peace.



Okay, so it’s weird to list people as being current obsessions. I’m not a stalker, I swear.

  • WRITE DOWN. Where You Got. YOURS from. [] — First it was this girl, then this dude, and this dude. I’ve never laughed so hard reading about the many adventures of Esther, Kia, Rich, Ray, and their many other friends on Tumblr. But it’s weird because I feel like I should stop spending so much time on-line and find my own damn friends to hang out with.
  • Knotty Yarn. [] — I think I’ve already blogged about how much I enjoy Danielle’s blog. I met her briefly last summer at BlogHer, and I wish I’d been bolder about trying to befriend her. But again, there’s that whole “not wanting to look like a stalker” thing I’m trying to work.
  • Feeding Maybelle [] — This cooking blog is so wonderful.


  • the most recent subject of the “36 Hours in…” column in the travel section of the New York Times
  • London — I want to go for my 35th birthday next year. Who’s in?
  • New Orleans — I’ve never been. This is an oversight that needs to be rectified post-haste.
  • the Philippines — It’s been 26 years since I was last there.
  • the Gulf Coast — Because of the oil spill, of course. I heard on the news this morning that actor Kevin Costner has dispatched his oil spill clean-up ships to the Gulf. You can read about that here.
  • Paris, always Paris — I blame BryanBoy, who was in Paris for the haute couture shows. It wasn’t the shows that piqued my interest, but this excerpt from The September Issue that he posted to his blog:


  • the return of Couch-to-5K to my life — I like how I was all gung-ho and “I’m saving my own fat ass” back in, like, April, and then I hit some sort of fat wall and stopped working out. So I started up again, this time joining a cheap gym near work so I can’t use weather or the gym being far away as an excuse for not exercising.
  • dropping a different kind of dead weight — I have too many clothes. I’m going to be getting rid of them soon. If you or anyone you know wears size 2X/3X, 22W/24W clothing, let me know, and I will tell you what I have and will sell you for cheap. This also includes a pair of Christian Louboutin “Iowa” Mary Jane flats in black patent leather. Believe me, I wanted to keep these, but my feet are too damn fat and wide for the straps to buckle. Not sure about price, but probably around $299.
  • having an hour-long television special to announce whether or not I am moving to Miami, and preceding that program with an hour of dicking around everyone who has ever been a fan of mine — ha ha, no, but seriously, LeBron James is a dick.

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