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Nite graduates!

Saturday, May 29: Nite graduated from Tribeca Flashpoint Academy! I was honored to be his guest. Most of my pictures from the day turned out terribly because I sat in the balcony of the church where the ceremony was held, and my sad little camera could not zoom in enough. I didn’t get a picture of him receiving his diploma, or of the top of his mortarboard, which had an 8″ floppy disk on it (so geeky! so cute!). After the ceremony, we had lunch at The Gage where I totally dropped a spoonful of cheese grits down my bosom.

Later that day, I just took myself and hung out by myself. I watched Summertime via Netflix Instant Streaming. Oh my god, why had I not seen this movie before? I thought I’d seen all the sad spinster lady movies but this was like The Godfather of them all. Just amazing.

PS: Nite is a 3D artist. You can see his 3D animation and modeling work at

Sunday, May 30: Brunch at Wishbone with these fools:

Gabe and Kevin

Gabe and Kevin at Wishbone

Just kidding, my loves. K & G were in town for the holiday weekend, and I was able to join them, Will, Thom, Byl, and Adrienne for brunch at Wishbone before I had to run up to Lincoln Square for voice class. It was too hot a day to be running around the city but I had no choice. Still, though, if I didn’t have to get around the town, I wouldn’t have been able to post this update to my Twitter feed:

If this teenage mother and her baby can wear 2-piece bathing suits on the bus, then why can’t I? #summerinthecity #CTA

Monday, May 31: I saw Shrek The Third again, this time with Andrew, Rozi, and little Nathan. After, pancakes at The Melrose. Basically, my perfect day.

Tuesday, June 1: I saw Sex and The City 2 again, this time with Kathy, Tasneem, and some of Tasneem’s lovely pals. I had bacon popcorn a lovely flatbread and prosecco for dinner.

Five Guys: cheeseburger

Five Guys cheeseburger

Wednesday, June 2: I wasn’t feeling well in the morning, so I worked from home. Which was kind of fun, though I’ve decided I can’t watch “The View” for more than, like, three minutes, before I want to throw something at my television set. Naturally, I felt much better in the afternoon, so I just said “Fuck it” and got lunch at the Five Guys in Lincoln Park. Oh my goodness, it was so good and it did not give me a tummy ache. Then again, I never met a greasy food that I did not like.

Thursday, June 3: Back to work. Went to the Art Institute to buy Nadine a present for her birthday. Didn’t know what I was going to buy. Ended up buying her a cardboard vase that expands, accordion-like, to fit glass vases in its center or, if you’re feeling frisky, your head if you want to wear it as a hat. After work, I had dinner with Wendy, an old classmate from voice class, at Café Selmarie. What did we talk about, apart from her neighbor who had some Bible verse handwritten on a piece of paper posted on her door? Dudes, Wendy moving back to Massachusetts, and more dudes. Maifest was going on a couple of blocks away, but I decided to head straight home instead of going to the festival to see if I could chug a beer out of a glass boot. Though I’m pretty sure I could have done it. I mean, I’ve seen Beerfest a whole bunch.

Friday, June 4: I saw the restored Metropolis at The Music Box Theatre. Yeah, you should be jealous, because it was AMAZING. When I went to bed that night, I feared I’d have nightmares about mobs of street urchins and Babylonian robot whores but I did not.

Saturday, June 5: I had lunch at Five Guys (yes, again!) with Kathy. It was her first visit, and she loved it. Yay, burgers! After talking our way through the rest of the afternoon (and also running some window shopping), she ran me up to Old Town for voice class. After class, I took the Western bus down to Do Division, where I paid $5 to walk five blocks through hipsters, brahs, trixies, their pets and bicycles, past vendors selling food and handbags and jewelry. It was the hipster version of Market Days, and kind of no fun given that I had nobody to mock it with. Jeff, where were you?! I took my my ass home, got some takeout from Joy’s Noodle. I talked to my mom on the phone. Or rather, she talked and I listened and took notes of what she said in her charming, sing-song Filipino accent:

“On Long Island, there are two Pilipino channels.”
“I have email but I don’t know the address.”
“Your daddy and me are gain weight.”
“Did you go to Hollywood when you go to California?”
“Oh in New York… that one time… they say there was a terrorist. WHAT?!
“How’s Obama? Is Obama a good president? I voted for him! Is okay?”
“Bye bye! Miss you miss you miss you! Don’t let the bug bite!”

Sunday, June 6: Matinee of Get Him to The Greek. Old Navy to buy flip-flops because my sandals gave me awful blisters. Metra to Hyde Park — the conductor who punched my ticket (heh) was HAWT (ow!). Walked down 57th Street. Early to meet Jacinda and Hyacinth for the 57th Street Art Fair, so I hit 57th Street Books to buy some greeting cards. Jacinda and Hyacinth turn up. We look at stalls of art. Most of it is not my taste, but I do take some cards. We eat some food, get the baby some water. She plays, I play, we all play. It rains! It stops raining. We go to the Med for an early dinner, where Joe joins us after his class lets out. We eat again. They drive me home.

Yeah, that was dull, but I swear, the pictures are much better!

Monday, June 7: It’s only 2 weeks to the next WHQODJY Singers’ show, “It’s A Guy Thing”. I join my duet partner Cathy at our teacher Gwen’s house, crashing her private lesson so we can figure out who sings what, etc. Keeping us company is Gwen’s dog, who runs around a bit then lies near Gwen’s feet as she plays the piano. I want a French bulldog just like him.

Wednesday, June 9: Andrea’s birthday! Drinks at In Fine Spirits Lounge in Andersonville. Also it is the night that the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup (aka the coolest, most badass sports trophy ever), which means I don’t take the Clark Street bus home lest it get caught in the brah-fest that is Wrigleyville celebrating another sports victory.

Sad Keanu, happy Jonathan

Sad Keanu, happy Jonathan

Friday, June 11: The Blackhawks victory parade route runs near the office, so I check it out with Cynthia and another co-worker. It’s a cluster-fuck. There’s a graduation ceremony taking place at the Opera House, which is on the parade route, and I just chuckle at the thought of graduates and their friends and family trying to make it past drunk-at-10-am-not-that-I’m-judging parade-goers. The Blackhawk fever wasn’t about to break any time soon. I was done with the parade even before it started when I heard some asshole yell “Hey! There’s a Black guy!”

Saturday, June 12: Um, what did I do today? Foursquare tells me I went to the French Market at Nettelhorst, Walgreen’s, voice class, Midsommarfest with Jeff and his friend Joe where I saw The Joans perform (fun!) and ate some bad street festival food (ugh).

Sunday, June 13: Lunch with Kathy and Adrienne at the Pappadeaux in Westmont. I had a big plate of fried. Not “fried food” or “fried shrimp”, just “fried”. I mean, it was delicious but do I even remember what all it was? Shopping at Oakbook after, because it’s only 10 minutes away from the restaurant and, well, duh. After our suburban excursion, Kathy dropped me off at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago for my (I hate this word) staycation, which I already wrote about:

your aspiring hotel/travel blogging type

i am a very important travel blogger as you can tell by this bathroom self-portrait that obscures my face but not my fat

The thing I didn’t write about in my hotel stay recap but I somehow feel okay mentioning now is that I got a text at 4:30 in the morning from my Cynthia. Her mother had finally succumbed to the cancer that had been been diagnosed, I think, only in the last year or two. Fuck.

Monday, June 14: I attended a preview screening Toy Story 3 in 3-D at the Navy Pier IMAX theater with Jon, Alissa, and Nite. Alissa, who is a rock star and a pal, got in line super early so our seats were amazing. Not as amazing as this pic I took of Jon admiring a cardboard cutout of Taylor Lautner as Twilight’s Jacob Black. There was a tweenage girl who dashed up and took a picture of the fucking cutout while we waited. Alissa said that before we all showed up, there were several women and girls who did just that. Amazing.

Jon & Jacob

Jon is on Team Jacob (as am I, actually).

Tuesday, June 15: I took myself out to dinner at Irazú. Lovely as ever but I feel like my waiter was very “whatever” about, well, being my waiter for the evening. I did not linger and have dessert.

Wednesday, June 16: I took my lunch (crepe from Flip Crepes) over to the Pritzker band shell in Millennium Park. I sat in the sun and watched an orchestra rehearse. Really simple, but on a perfect summer day, it was epic in an everyday kind of way.

Thursday, June 17: I got the details for Cynthia’s mother’s funeral. For some reason, I was obsessed with finding a hat to wear to the funeral, which was the next day. I ended up going to the Goorin Brothers Hat Shop, which just opened around the corner from my apartment. I bought this straw fedora, the Malibu. I think it looks adorable on me. I can’t tell if the girl who sold it to me agrees but I get over it and walk out of the store wearing it. Nobody starts laughing hysterically when they see me on the street wearing the thing, so I take it as a good sign.


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