Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt:

Tell us about your first kiss.

I was sixteen. I’d just gotten into Disco 2000, Michael Alig’s weekly party at the Limelight back when it was still a deconsecrated church turned night club and not a deconsecrated chuch turned shopping mall. I was with Kim, my best friend, her older sister Amanda (a freshman at Columbia) and one of Amanda’s suitemates.

Even though you had to be eighteen to get into New York clubs, I didn’t worry about not having an ID. In my few forays into New York City nightlife, I found that I never needed ID. I still usually had to pay admission, though (boo). Kim looked about twelve, but she had a plan when she couldn’t get a fake ID. She pretended to be an annoying Long Island princess at the door (“But they didn’t card me the last time I was here so I just brought a credit card!” ) so the drag queen had to let us in just to shut Kim up.

I don’t remember much about the club except that I loved the music (Keoki, was that you?) and I loved to dance. We hit the dance floor straightaway. I am and have always been a dancing fool so though I was pretty shy in real life, I didn’t give a shit when I started dancing. I felt really comfortable among the club kids and the freaks. Who cared if I was some chubby bridge-and-tunnel chick from Queens?

I started dancing with a tall, geeky brown-skinned dude wearing glasses and a propeller beanie. I didn’t find him attractive but it was fun dancing with him. He pulled me to him and planted a kiss on my lips, shoving his tongue down my throat before I had time to gag and gasp in surprise. I felt disappointed, though really, what could be more glamorous than having your first kiss on the dance floor at the Limelight? It’s so “Into The Groove”, isn’t it?

I guess I was disappointed because the kiss was kinda mediocre, kinda gross, and totally boring. It didn’t ruin my fun that night, though. Even a bad kisser in a propeller beanie couldn’t stop me from having fun. Though if I knew that I’d not be doing too much kissing after that, I might have held on a little bit longer.


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  1. Maybe the propeller beanie dude was on Ecstasy or something. I’m just explaining why the kiss was maybe so sucky. I didn’t know you went to Disco 2000 in 1992. That’s pretty dope. I didn’t go until the latter part of 1993 or early part of 1994. If you guys had been dressed up, the doorperson would definitely have just let you in without checking for ID.

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