spring fling

Now where was I? Oh yes. Hello everybody!

Jasmine and Kelly at the Art Institute

“I know it’s been a long time since I’ve rapped at ya” but I have been soooo busy. Okay, maybe not soooo busy. Maybe like busy alternating with bouts of sloth. You know, the usual. Let’s see what I’ve been up to these last two weeks.

If I can remember what I’ve been up to. Sheesh. I’ve had to open Firefox tabs for the following sites to help me write this post: Twitter, Twitpic, Foursquare, Flickr, and my Tumblr blog, http://jasmined.com. I remember back when I used to be able to remember people’s phone numbers because I didn’t have a cell phone. I knew my friends’ birthdays by heart because I didn’t have Facebook to keep that information. I wonder if I didn’t have these services and sites to (ab)use would I do a better job of writing about my exploits hijinks on a more regular basis, and would my recall of thoughts be better if I didn’t use them at all? Please Jesus let’s not find out.

Saturday, May 15

After class at the Old Town School, I met Kelly and Alissa at the Art Institute. We snagged free cake at the 1st birthday party for the Modern Wing:

Also, we looked at art and stuff. Visited the Member Lounge (Alissa just joined, so I felt compelled to show off some of the stuff members get to partake of). After the museum, we walked to State Street to do some window shopping. There were two girls in hot pink ball gowns and white fairy wings posing in Millennium Park just south of Cloud Gate, posing for pictures. We imagined they were were probably about to have sweet sixteen or quinceañera parties, hence the dresses. The wings? We weren’t so sure.

While Alissa headed home after our museum/window-shopping adventure, Kelly and I had a quick snack at the Lincoln Park Whole Foods before a late dinner/drinks thing with Elisa at Fountainhead. I love this particular Whole Foods, as it has a food court, a bar, and a little cafe area where you can take your food and drink to consume while participating in my all time favorite sport, people watching. Kelly and I took a table overlooking an area devoted to baked goods and crackers, ogling some cute guys and pondering the sartorial choices of our fellow shoppers. It was great. I would have spent the evening there, but we had to meet Elisa and I wanted to see if I could squeeze in a quick nap before going to the bar.

I did not have that time. I don’t think I even think I got to change my t-shirt, so I went to the Fountain with an ever so discreet pork grease stain near my bosom. Story of my life.  I didn’t take notes on what I ate, but a quick glance at the menu reminds me that we had frites and the Moo entree (smoked mac & cheese, india pale ale tavern cheese, gorgonzola & bacon monkey bread with sweet potato chips), and the dark chocolate crème brûlée (which I loved in all its pepperiness but Kelly did not much care for). The monkey bread could have been really wonderful except that it was mostly burnt. Oops. Also I had Lagavulin (12 yo). That was nice. Whiskey is always nice. What did we talk about? The Blackhawks (well, Kelly and Elisa did) and boys (sigh).

Sunday, May 16

I finally got to use my Groupon for the Flatwater Grill. Nite joined me for brunch outside on what turned out to be a lovely, sunny day. There were $5 mimosas and bloody marys. We shared a plate of muffins that, now that I think about it, did not taste homemade. The honey butter promised by the menu was actually a single serving of whipped butter, one of those disposable things you get when ordering rolls to go. Now, Nite and I, we are not butter fiends but we would have liked to have some more to mask the flavor of spread on the muffins. We asked for more butter. We got exactly one more packet. Not two or three, not even an overflowing bowl like you find at your local diner, but a single packet. Naturally, instead of getting mad we just started cackling because it reminded us of that one episode of “Seinfeld” where Jerry’s girlfriend-of-the-week (played by Jami Gertz!) was stingy with the toilet paper to a much-in-need Elaine.

Otherwise, the food was fine. It was more about having a meal outside by the water and hanging out. Nite and I walked off part of our brunch by the river, gossiping about whatever, until Nite headed home for a nap and I met Kathy at the movies to see Iron Man 2 (fun!), hang out at her house (she fed me pasta salad with homemade pesto — delicious!), and we had dinner at Eleven City Diner (chili cheese fries and an egg cream).

Monday, May 17

I saw Just Wright after work. It was “Just-Al-Wright”. Sorry, you knew I had to write that. I hesitate to say that the movie was boring because, well, I just like everybody in this movie and I’d still like people to see it. It was the feel-good snoozefest of my week.

Tuesday, May 18

Screening of Cyrus featuring a Q&A with John C. Reilly, who starred in the film with Marisa Tomei, Jonah Hill, and Catherine Keener. Shaky video is post here, here, and here.

Wednesday, May 19

I got my nails done. Not at my usual place staffed by quiet and deadly efficient Chinese ladies, but at the place that used to be my regular spot back in 2001- 2003 when Jacinda and I lived next to the Walgreen’s on Belmont & Broadway. Manicure was fine but the pedicure still looks new nine days after the fact. NARS Dovima on toes, Chanel Jasmin on fingers. It’s the hotness.

Thursday, May 20

Friday, May 21

According to Foursquare, I hit Starbucks for lemon pound cake, checked in at Walgreen’s, and got food from the Melrose. Yawn. Oh, shit, right, this was the night of the Gapers Block 7th anniversary party at the Metro but instead I lay in bed, ate a sandwich, watched “Doctor Who” and “Gavin and Stacey” and then fell asleep.

Saturday, May 22

I remember this day being weird because I didn’t eat all day until, like, 4:30 that afternoon. Not sure why. And then when I ate it was this huge cheeseburger at the Golden Nugget. Oh, and I did nothing that night except wonder if I should go see a movie instead of doing what I always do which is lie in bed, watch tv, and wonder how early is too early for bed on a Saturday night.

Sunday, May 23

It was hot! I wore a mini sundress, not caring if the sight of my thighs offended anybody as I scampered about the city. I might have even flashed some folks as I got off CTA buses that did not lean down. In which case, I am not sorry, as you probably should not have been ogling my crotch in the first place. I had lunch at the Café at Wild Things, the main gift shop at the Lincoln Park Zoo, indulging in an organic roast beef and blue cheese wrap and a truly delicious brownie before heading downtown to see Shrek Forever After in 3-D. Which was awesome, but sad-making as it’s the last movie in the Shrek franchise. At least until Puss-in-Boots comes out in 2011.

I joined Nite and Jeff at Nite’s condo for the “Lost” series finale. We ate Chinese food while watching a full 4.5 hours of television (there was a 2-hour “in case you missed it, this is what’s been going on for the last six years” special before the 2.5 hour-long finale). I think my feelings about the emotional, possibly melodramatic, episode, can be summed up by this tweet:

Also, I’ve decided that I’m going to refer to the Island’s Glowy Cave as the Common Core as a nod to my U of C pride and my tendency toward the pretentious. Yay!

Monday, May 24

Nite’s animated short Spared was screened at a party hosted by/in honor of a colleague of his from Tribeca Flashpoint. The party was at Scarlet, a mere two blocks from my apartment, so I joined Jeff to support Nite as his movie was shown to a bar full of people who did not already know Nite! And they liked it. Hurray! Nite, please remember me when you are famous and awesome.

Tuesday, May 25

Jeff organized a dinner at Big Jones in honor of Nite graduating. There was a lot of fried chicken. Between the six of us at dinner we were able to polish off three orders, but only just. We’d ordered six plates but the order was entered wrong. It turns out three plates was just right, and we still got our side dishes comped.

Wednesday, May 26

Again, Foursquare doesn’t tell me much but does remind me that I ate lunch outside by the river. I ate my salad and watched the sailboats come up the river, bridges rising and falling as they made way for the boats. I’ve worked downtown for over ten years and I still get a thrill from this springtime rite.

Thursday, May 27

You know you’re doing bad when you’re so cash poor that you’re forced to eat lunch at Macy’s so you can put it on your charge account. I didn’t say as much to Khloé when we met at her office to go over my 401(k) allocations but she’s going to know soon enough once we start looking at my other accounts. She’s working out of an office downtown (that is, when she isn’t out drumming up business) until her Logan Square office is ready some time next year. I was a little early for our appointment, so I ran into a co-worker coming out of her office after his own consultation. This made me feel less scared about, you know, actually planning for a future where hopefully I’m not working until I drop dead from a combination of heart disease, diabetes, and spinsterhood. But I think I’m tired of feeling like I’m not in control of my money, you know? For our next appointment, I have to come in with a budget. Oh shit.

On the way back from lunch with Khloé (burgers from the MarcBurger counter at Macy’s), I walked down Washington where I ran into Mayor Daley. I was going to go shake his hand (because I am nothing if not diplomatic) but then this guy with a shaved head and a backpack kinda got in his face so I decided to hang back and let the mayor’s security dude take care of it.

It seemed strange to me that this was the first time I’ve seen Hizzoner Jr. in person “in the wild” (as opposed to, say, at a special event) since moving to Chicago in the mid-90’s. What could it mean? I’d take it as a sign of something or other but I have no idea what that is. Except maybe to have a good holiday weekend and stop worrying about money so much.

Also to eat lunch at MarcBurger more often. It was really, really tasty.


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