Abu Dhabi Doo!

Or, a post about going to see Sex and the City 2 with Alissa, Elisa, Jon, and Nite in honor of Nite graduating from Tribeca Flashpoint this week.

I wanted to name this blog post something else but I’d be giving away a totally awesome pun quipped by who else but Samantha in the movie. Which means you’d have to see the movie which, given the reviews I’ve read, you may or may not be inclined to do.

This isn’t a blog post about the movie so much as the experience of going to see the movie tonight in Chicago. I think I knew, and my friends knew, that this movie would be bad. (It was.) I think I also knew that I would have a great time seeing it with my friends. (I did.)

I always enjoyed watching the show, back in the days when Kevin and Michael still lived in town, and all the supafriends would gather at Kev’s on Sunday night to watch the show and drink Kevin’s exceptionally strong Cosmopolitans. So strong that I’d always ask to have what I called my child-sized drink, a Cosmo poured into a petite vintage cocktail glass,  so I wouldn’t get quite so drunk (stupid Asian flush).

But where was I?

I arrived at the theater a little early to buy tickets and have a glass of sparkling wine at the bar. The theater was packed with women, gaggles of girlfriends teetering about in their highest stilettos and stuffed into their best couture (or approximation thereof). Say what you will about this movie, but can you think of another mainstream Hollywood movie that got this many women into theaters? I think that might have been the last Sex and the City movie. It was like being at an all girls’ school all over again. I don’t think I’ve heard so much giggling in my life.

I splurged on VIP tickets because I figured we deserved to sit in cushy leather seats while munching on bacon popcorn during the show. The ShowPlace ICON is a lovely place no matter where you sit but having wide leather seats and booze is a nice indulgence.

I think if you’re going to wear heels in public, you should learn how to walk in them first. This is a special message to all those ladies (and maybe a few men) who will be seeing the movie this weekend in their SatC finest.

If I were a Sex and the City character, I’d probably be the Magda. Or Lily because, you know, I’m Asian, hello.

I never know what I covet more in SatC — is it the clothes, the shoes, or the real estate? Actually in the case of this movie, it was the first class cabins on the A380 featured in the movie. Get a peek here on the Emirates web site.

Note to self: look into booking cute gay choir to sing at my wedding reception.

Sometimes, I felt like I was watching some sort of minstrel show. Like I felt awful for most of the bits that took place in Abu Dhabi which is, like, 80% of the movie.

I loved these characters, though, especially in moments or in interactions that brought me back to what I loved about the original series. Like there’s a nice scene between Miranda and Charlotte where they talk about how they don’t feel guilty about being away from their children. That was funny and it felt like it rung true. Also it led to drunk Charlotte, and drunk Charlotte is awesome Charlotte. Go to the 30-second mark in the video linked below to see what I mean.

I think I want to start a Tumblr which shows clips of every single bad pun from the series and the movies. I mean, really. It has to happen.

At some point, a thing happens which I felt sort of whatever about but actually prompted some women to cry “No!” in horror when this happened in the movie. And no, it wasn’t the sight of someone with camel-toe in the presence of camels. Which totally happened because it’s comedy gold, people.

After the movie, the group of us hung out in the lobby to talk about the movie and, more importantly, stand next to the windows and watch groups of women teeter into the theater on their high heels. The people-watching was amazing. Elisa even took pictures.

I took the bus home with Nite afterwards. We talked more about movies that I need to see like Top Gun and Pretty Woman. It’s true. What kind of an amateur movie critic am I if I haven’t seen these two pillars of American cinema?


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