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Friday, May 7

First Friday at the MCA with Jeff — Free food, cash bar, music provided by The Hood Internet (DJ set). We got there at opening, so we got first crack at the buffet (mini burgers, doughnuts with dipping sauces, grilled veggies, and some corn polenta thing) and at the art. Galleries did not permit drinks, so lots of people hovered in the main corridor, which made it kind of difficult to go back for more snacks. The people-watching was pretty decent, but what can you say about a meat market for bros and trixies that hasn’t already been said?

Jeff and I had fun checking out the art, and making fun of everybody, but after a while the crowds got to be overwhelming. After a quick jaunt to Water Tower Place so I could use the loo, we ended up at the Apple Store, where we played with iPads. Attempts to connect with Andrea (who I’d forgotten to text when we left the museum) and Alissa (who was watching Iron Man 2) were unsuccessful. Jeff’s pictures from the museum are here. Not to self: do not wear short-sleeved t-shirts that cut off at the fattest point of upper arm.

Home — Fourth season premiere of “Friday Night Lights” on NBC. I am happy to have the denizens of West Dillon and East Dillon back in my life. Except that J.D. McCoy. He’s a fucking douche.

Saturday, May 8

Vocal Techniques 2, Old Town School of Folk Music — We’re almost finished figuring out what people are singing for the Father’s Day show. I am almost positive I am singing “Ragtime Cowboy Joe”, which is totally hilarious. Observe:

Little Quiapo — After class, I headed up to Lincolnwood to have lunch at Little Quiapo. The place was busy, and I felt kind of weird being at a Filipino buffet myself. The food was just okay, though their pork barbecue was delicious. I want to go back with some friends to give the food another chance (didn’t have the adobo or the dinuguan). the buffet itself is a wooden jeepney. Check it out:


Cloud 9Cloud 9 serves xue-hua-bing, or snow ice, a mere two blocks from my apartment. My first of two visits over the weekend happened on the way home from Little Quiapo. It was so tasty and so weirdly fun to eat. It’s crunchy at first, like eating shave ice, but then it becomes creamy on the tongue like ice cream. Time Out Chicago likes the stuff, too. I snapped a picture of my snack, of course:

Cloud 9: xue-hua-bing

Once again, a full day of sitting on my ass and eating wore me out. So I stayed in Saturday night, watched “Saturday Night Live” (yay, Betty White!). Also I watched the most recent episode of “Doctor Who” and got spooked by those damned Weeping Angels.

Sunday, May 9 (Mother’s Day)

Seriously. Also: I love you, Mom!

Music Box Theatre — I saw Mommie Dearest with Nite, Jeff, and Thom at the Music Box. A special presentation by Camp Midnight, there was a costume contest and a special appearance by Davy Joans of The Joans. Davy introduced the video for “Mad at the Dirt”:

Okay, so the movie. I’ve only seen parts of Mommie Dearest on cable over the years, never getting a chance to sit through a complete screening. Thom, Byl, and Nite all expressed amazement that I’d never seen it. Also they said they were glad to be there for my first time. Aw! Also, I was totally impressed (though not terribly surprised) that Byl and Nite knew all the dialogue and would recite along with the movie. I’d have to say my favorite scene was this blowout between Christina and Joan after Joan brings Christina home from boarding school:

“I don’t know what to do with you.” “WHY NOT?”

Amazing. Just amazing.

Julius Meinl — Post-movie repast with Nite. We both had sandwiches and split an order of käsespätzle. It was lovely but I was kind of annoyed by the people who, checking out the desserts in the display case next to our table, kept bending over to peek and would stick their asses in my face while I tried to eat. If I get pink eye as a result of this, can I bill Julius Meinl for the meds? Just wondering.

Cloud 9 (again) — It was a beautiful afternoon, so Nite and I ended up walking from Julis Meinl to Cloud 9 for dessert. South on Southport to Belmont, then east to Broadway. Along the way, we stopped to check out the cupcake calendar posted in the window at Bittersweet. Cloud 9 was quiet as we enjoyed our snack, and the proprietor said he’d be serving green tea flavor pretty soon. We asked about why he wasn’t serving more Asian flavors like red bean, and he said it didn’t test so well with people not familiar with it. Also, he was worried about his single freezer handling so many flavors that all have different freezing points. Which all made sense to me, as I stuffed my face with another bowl of vanilla snow ice with mango syrup, topped with kiwi and pineapple.

Other things

  • “Treme” was excellent, as always. Daymo is still missing, but Antoine’s ‘bone has been found.
  • Sunday night, when I should have been going to bed early, I chatted on-line with Derek, an old pal from college and current Facebook friend. It was fun! Now I’m wondering who I should look up next on FB.
  • It looks like another Aquino has been elected president in the Philippines. [NYT]
  • I’m treating myself, Nite, Elisa, Alissa, and Jon to VIP premium seats at the ShowPlace ICON when Sex and The City 2 opens at the end of the month. I know I’ve bagged on this movie (and the first movie, and the series) for ages, but I can’t help it, I must see it!

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