mother’s day

A few words and pictures about my mother.

wedding day, 1974

Random fact: I used to love to bust out the headpiece my mother wore on her wedding day. I thought it made me look like Princess Aura from Flash Gordon. Here, I’m amazed that she managed to get through the day looking so fresh and lovely, as that headpiece was damn heavy and itchy and on the wrong person (read: me) looks like a sea anemone. On her, of course, it looked awesome.

Oh jebus the 80's

My mother looks like she could use a drink. Or some sunglasses at least. Way to make her squint into the sun, Dad. I think the less said about my outfit, or really any of our outfits, the better. But isn’t my visor adorable? Mom had a good eye for tasteful fun outfits for us.

Mom at the Taste of Chicago, 2009

My parents visited Chicago last summer, staying with my Tita Lot in the suburbs. I caught up with them on July 4th, and we visited the Taste of Chicago. Unlike 2008, where my Uncle Jimmy brought food (to a food festival?), Tita Lot bought us all tickets and we went a little nuts. And when I say “we”, I mean my parents, my aunts, and my uncle.

My mother managed to locate the booths giving out free drinks so we didn’t have to waste tickets on buying sodas or water. She was entranced by this Pepsi booth where people could play Rock Band. She heckled, like, everybody who performed. If you haven’t seen a 60 year old Filipino woman heckling people in a sing-song Filipino accent, trust me — she’s awesome.



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2 responses to “mother’s day

  1. I liked that Dr. Pepper outfit! Uncle Andre handmade that veil and designed her dress. I used to wear that veil too and it was itchy. I went clothes shopping with mom today and it was difficult because most if not all women have issues with their bodies but I kept telling her I thought she was beautiful. Justin and I are taking her to TJ Maxx tomorrow because she didn’t feel comfortable having us pay full price for stuff.

  2. YOUR MUM WAS FAB on her wedding day!

    Isn’t it so comforting to know we have good genes in our ethnicity? Filipino women are HOT!

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