i like to watch: nerds, gleeks, and paintballs

I remember saying a while ago that “Modern Family” was my favorite show of the current season (which is currently winding down) but even then I wasn’t sure with “Community”, “Justified”, and “Glee” being in the mix. “Glee” has felt off to me since its return, and Alyssa Rosenberg crystallized my feelings almost exactly when she wrote about “Glee” for The Atlantic earlier this week.

Of course, I still love “Glee”, but I’m forcing myself to be pickier about what I do and don’t like. Right now, I’m not always loving the musical numbers, Rachel-Jesse-Finn, and (as ever) Asian/Other Asian/Mercedes/Artie getting little screentime. Am I still dying for some represent-Asian for my yellow, brown, and black peeps? Fuck yes.

Especially since they killed off all the Asians on “Lost”. They killed off all the Asians!

I haven’t watched this week’s “Justified” episode, though Patrick tells me it was great mainly because Boyd Crowder is back (and out of prison!) so I’ll look forward to watching that this weekend. As ever, my television guilty pleasure, “Criminal Minds” was sufficiently creepy with tattoos, suicide, and (spoiler alert!) two unsubs!

I’m still watching “The Big Bang Theory”, and enjoying it. I have to say that I like Penny and Leonard broken up even better than when he was pining for her in the show’s first two seasons. I don’t have many thoughts on them as a couple, though I’d like to see more of Bernadette, Howard’s girlfriend, and am wondering if Raj’s selective mutism is going to evolve into something more serious (hysterical blindness? spontaneous combustion?) just to give Kunal Nayyar something, anything, to do. This is me being all objectification-lady, but he’s totally hot and I’d be happy to see him getting some smoochies. Ideally with a cute chubby Asian girl named, um, Tasmin who has longish black hair and likes to eat bacon.

“Modern Family” was all sorts of fun (Haley and Alex bickering over the cute boy at the airport, Gloria explaining to TSA that her Manny is not the same Manny on the no-fly list), but. BUT, it wasn’t as good as “Community”. I can’t speak articulately (as evidenced by this and other blog posts on my television watching habits) about why it was so awesome so I’ll let The A.V. Club’s (which gave the episode an “A”) tell you why:

Let me just say, then, that “Modern Warfare” is not just one of the best episodes of Community so far but one of the best episodes of TV of the season so far. It’s a big, bold, ridiculous episode of television, and yet it so completely commits to its vision of Greendale as a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the midst of a giant paintball war that it feels both very funny and very serious in every moment it portrays. Furthermore, the episode doesn’t just lean on the gimmick too heavily. There are big character moments here, and there are big laugh moments here. There’s even an extension of Community’s lonely feud against Glee into the world of Greendale. This is an episode that pulls off pretty much everything it tries and does so without a sweat.

Now, to be fair, just how much you like this episode will depend on just how much you like seeing action movies getting smacked around. There are a lot of references to specific films here, down to individual shots and lines of dialogue, but the majority of the episode plays around with the larger tropes of the genre in general. I mean, sure, The Warriors is quoted directly in the scene with the battle with the roller disco crew, but how many movies like this have featured the lonely soldiers huddled over a fire, talking about what they’re going to do when they get out of this situation? The parody works on both a specific and a general level.

Last night Jeff was my guest for a screening of Survival of the Dead, George Romero’s latest zombie movie. Jeff’s friend Andy was there, and so was Nite. I’ve never seen a Romero movie, but this was alright. I’m sure his earlier works are worth checking out, so I’ll probably do it, preferably with a friend in whose shoulder I can hide if and when it gets scary. Survival was entertaining, not especially frightening, but it was a lot of fun. I will say, though, that Romero missed out on a golden opportunity when he (spoiler alert!) showed a horse getting bitten by a zombie and the horse did not turn into a zombie itself. Zombie animals! Could you imagine a sequel to that?

After the movie, Nite and I took the bus home. Instead of going straight home, we had a late dinner at the Melrose, talked about school (he’s graduating soon!) and stuff. Nite had the hot meat loaf sandwich while I ordered the turkey, ham, and Swiss croissant sandwich. Also the cream of carrot soup. So good.

Wait, where was I?

I’m trying to convince Nite that he should write a movie with me. Never mind that all of my non-blog writing projects over the last few years have tended to wither and die before I even get a chance to fire up Final Draft but I’m excited at the idea of finding a writing partner, or even just a committed fan/friend to help me stop being my own writer’s cockblocker.

Which, when you think about it, sounds so much more lurid and more fun than just a boring old case of writer’s block.

I’m feeling so inspired by television and movies, and also by the fact that Amelie Gillette is leaving The A.V. Club to join the writing staff of “The Office”. I’d be consumed with jealousy if  I didn’t admire her work so fucking much. It’s providing one of many kicks in the ass that the universe likes to send me and me, in my infinite wisdom, tend to ignore. Much like my non-approach approach to dating, I look at writing and the prospect of developing a career around it and I tend to get resentful. All my writing is awesome and wonderful and I shouldn’t have to work at it at all because it should come as naturally as peeing or looking gorgeous.

But then I remember that I am 34 and not 14 and in this life everybody works. Writing is a joy and it is a pain and it is a struggle and it is natural and it is unnatural and it is easy and it is difficult and it is love. It’s the only thing I’ve done with any kind of consistency since childhood. I didn’t keep diaries but I wrote essays and poems and stories. I wish I had the old floppy disks (and old drives!) to retrieve that work so I can see how far I’ve come in the last 20+ years. But mainly so I can see how much farther, so so so so so much farther, I have to go.


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  1. I only watch Glee out of all those shows you listed and I kind of agree – there have been some funny lines and decent moments but each episode has felt rushed and hastily edited. However, last night’s episode, directed by Joss Whedon and starring squee-arrific Neil Patrick Harris was fantastic.

    So my solution? More Joss. Of course, that’s pretty much my answer for everything, but in this case, it worked.

    Also? Glee in the Atlantic? This I have to read.

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