i like to eat: burger #14 at DMK Burger Bar

Tart & tangy.

Elisa won some sort of Twitter contest wherein she got to try the new burger at DMK Burger Bar for free. She invited me to tag along.

We consumed the following:

  • Blood orange sodas — I didn’t ask Elisa what she thought but it tasted like regular orange soda to me. It was very sweet and looked very red, like it had been spiked with grenadine. I have only the blood orange soda at Whole Foods, which tastes almost grapefruity at times, to compare it to.
  • Burger #14 — It’s description on the menu (PDF) is as follows: “Fresh Salmon, Ginger & Scallion, Asian Slaw, Red Thai Curry Sauce”. It was a salmon filet, as opposed to a cake. I would have expected a mayonnaise or cream-based sauce, as that’s what I usually see when a salmon or tuna burger is offered at other places, but not here. Thank goodness – the curry sauce made it all smoky and spicy but not like my mouth was on fire.
  • Sea Salt & Black Pepper Fries, Housemade Ketchup — Yes, I understand they have fancier options that involve bacon and Amish blue cheese, or truffle sauce and Parmesan. Those options are delicious. This time, though, Elisa suggested the least adorned item on the french fry menu, and they were perfect.
  • Iceberg Wedge, Tomato, Bacon, Scallion, Egg, House-Made Blue — Elisa got this. It looked great. Wish I’d gotten a salad as well. Instead I had dessert…
  • Ice Cream Sandwich — Chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. *burp*


  • No pictures! It was kinda dark, and Kathy still has my regular digital camera.
  • We opted for a table in the back. The two-tops were jammed pretty closely together.
  • One of the guys sitting next to me was really loud. In a theater actor kind of way. It turns out when he was chatting up the waitress about another waitress (who wasn’t at the restaurant last night) he mentioned that he knew the absent waitress from improv class. PS: He thought the salmon burger tasted “weird”.
  • For next time:
    1. Go with Kelly.
    2. Try the lamb burger.
    3. Don’t drink fully sugared sodas or eat dessert. (My blood glucose was out of range when I tested at bedtime.)

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One response to “i like to eat: burger #14 at DMK Burger Bar

  1. God, I’m so hungry now. SHEESH.

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