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I felt cute last Friday. Maybe it was the fact that my eyeliner went on with little fuss or smudging (amazing considering that I apply it on the bus — true story!), or that my hair wasn’t as frizzy as it is usually. Was it the pair of insane wedges I wore around the office that day? My favorite yellow stone necklace paired so fetchingly with a lavender t-shirt and bootcut jeans? In any case, I felt cute. Did I look cute? Maybe.

The important thing is that I felt it, and then it felt like it was true.

Friday, April 30: I went to a drinks get-together for current and former employees of my employer. Skies were threatening rain and thunder so a small group made it. It was rather humid but my hair in all its cuteness managed to hold up. I spent most of my time talking to Antoinette, who was my ping pong partner when we worked together, and Ken, who still works with me but used to live in my neighborhood. I encouraged him to check out Artropolis at the Merchandise Mart, as it was near his new place. I e-mailed him a link to printable free tickets, but he ended up getting a free pass from Khloé to use. Khloé hooked me up in the same way, and it was awesome. So generous, that lady.

It’s amazing how exhausting standing around and talking to people while drinking iced tea can be. Still, though, I made it to Beauty Bar for the Gapers Block monthly get-together. I could have gotten $2 PBR tallboys but I decided to plunk down some cash for a Hendrick’s gimlet on the rocks. It was delicious. I felt fantastic. I hadn’t eaten a thing since lunch (it was about 9pm at this point). But it was a big lunch so I felt like I should eat something but did not. There was no food, and because it had begun to rain I didn’t want to run across the street for a snack. So I just acted the fool. Talked to Christian, Lisa, Ted, Joe, and Jenni. Met Jenni’s awesome friend Sarah, and their friend Scott (who is really fucking cute, btw, and I already follow him on Twitter but I didn’t want to sound all stalker-y and say as much). Got to talk to Cinnamon, who made this bag that I’m currently obsessing over and wondering if she can make me a smaller version in black. Talked to Rose, who showed me her manicure. In the dim light of the bar, I couldn’t see the shade she described as Barbie pink, but I’m sure it was fetching.

I felt like I absolutely had to be home at 10pm, so I grabbed a poster for the Gapers Block 7th Anniversary Party (you all are coming, right?) and got in a taxi. I got home, changed into my pajamas, and ordered a pizza just as it got all stormy in my part of town and I felt delicious and cozy all over again. PS: My eyeliner was still intact.

Saturday, May 1: Old Town for voice class. I got the DVD of “That 60’s Show”. No, I haven’t watched it yet. I mean, I probably will, but only other people’s performances. Can’t bring myself to watch myself sing. Classmate Sarah sang two songs for us, to see which one she’d sing for the father’s day show in June. Won’t give it away, as she hasn’t yet decided, but both songs sounded gorgeous. The song I like is “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time”, a song I wasn’t familiar with until Gwen posted this video on the Facebook group she created for the show:

Gwen asked me to sing the song a bit but of course I forgot the melody. She liked the lyrics of the first verse when I read them to her, and penciled it in for me. Hurray!

Well, you can stay all night if you want to
You can hang out with all of his friends
You can go and meet his mother and father
Hmm, you better make sure that’s where it ends

‘Cause baby, there’s one thing that you gotta know:
Let him read your palm and guess your sign
Let him take you home and treat you fine
But baby –
Don’t let him waste your time
Don’t let him waste your time

Though sometimes when I read the more boy-crazy posts of this blog I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t try this:


I went to Best Vacuum for their open house. It was fun. I got to test drive? test suck? test vacuum? this gorgeous Míele 7 Series vac. It felt like we were meant to be together. I actually hugged it. Alas, I did not win it in the drawing. I did however, win a cool Míele canvas tote stuffed with a bamboo cutting board and kitchen utensils holder. And I bought these totally amazing smelling Voluspa home/body sprays. Who knew persimmons and olive leaves could smell so sexy?

After the open house, I caught up with Elisa and Nite and we drove to Jon and Alissa’s place. They live at River City, this crazy round apartment complex that looks like a human habitrail. We brought a ton of soda and two bags of ice, and got to play Beatles  Rock Band when we weren’t stuffing our faces with food. I sang a bunch because it’s kind of dangerous to give any Filipino a microphone. We’re incapable of giving them up. Also, there was cake and ice cream and picture-taking from their roof-top deck. Observe the gorgeosity of Chicago’s skyline:

Sunday, May 2: I thought about going back to Artropolis in the afternoon. I figured it would be good to work off some of the calories I’d put on during a leisurely brunch with Elisa, Kelly, Julie, and Courtney.

Naturally, I ended up taking the bus back to my neighborhood where, after buying some shoes on sale at The Gap, I spent the rest of the day quietly, blissfully, in bed.


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