look closer

Khloé gave me a pass to the opening preview of Art Chicago, which opens today and runs through Monday, May 3. Admission to NEXT and The Merchandise Mart International Antiques Fair, the other two events that comprise Artropolis, was included. I asked Nite to come with me. We had a great deal of fun checking out the fair together last year (see pictures of that here).

I don’t know anything about art, really, so I took a few pictures of things that caught my eye. Like this oversize, stylized wolf? coyote? made of Nike shoe boxes.


Mainly, Nite and I were fascinated by the people. NEXT was on the 7th floor, and it seemed to feature more contemporary (read: younger, perhaps goofier) work than what we saw at Art Chicago on the 12th floor (more on that later). This translated to a lot of younger folks, more performance, more video. Really young, actually. Like not so much that I felt self-conscious about it but really fun. Also, the free Grolsch did not hurt a bit.

While we were getting our beers, we saw strolling musicians from Red Moon Theater. Nite played along on his Grolsch bottle.

As we were strolling around, I found myself getting caught up in what felt like a pretty fun party. Taking pictures of the work took a backseat to checking out other people. I was obsessed with designer shoes and checking for plastic surgery. I saw quite a few ladies whose faces seemed absurdly tight and shiny for their ages. I also made a note to myself to get a referral for a dermatologist.

People seemed full of something. At first I thought it was alcohol and popcorn from the concessions stands throughout the show, but now I think it was spring. Thursday was the first really warm day in a few week. I’d abandoned my black opaque tights (they had runs, anyway) and wore bare legs. A lot of people did.

Look closer.

The air was thick, almost heavy at times. People crowded around a booth that was turned into a nightclub called “CLUB NUTZ”. People hung around outside, waiting to get in. The booth next door featured Zach Houston‘s Poem Store:

0 – ∞

I paid Zach $10 to write me a poem about crowds.

Zach Houston writes a poem for me

The corridor was getting hotter and more crowded so I took my poem, thanked Zach for writing it, and off with Nite I went to the 12th floor for Art Chicago. That was where I saw most of the cougar socialites with tight faces and fancy shoes. The art seemed more serious, more restrained. This seemed to be the place to do some important buying. Also not as much free Grolsch on the 12th floor.

Nite and I wandered around, running into my old friend Jeff W. and his boyfriend Michael. They mentioned liking a booth where the walls seemed to move around. Nite and I set off in search of the mystery room with the missing walls. It took us a few tries, but only after we took a break so I could eat a hot dog and after we ran into Khloé.

The room with the missing walls was awesome. It consisted of these moving wall dividers, which seemed to move at random, and without warning. We happened to catch sight of a young woman stepping into one of the dividers, slipping through a hole behind a fake mirror. It didn’t ruin the illusion, it just made it even more charming.

I think I’ll be going back on Sunday. I felt like I missed so much, and there was so much to see. Also to ogle, as the fair was just lousy with cute bearded boys. So hot.

"if the numbers bear out"


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  1. Great post, Jasmine! I felt like I was there with you. When I lived in Chicago, I used to go to Art Chicago when it was held on Navy Pier & the tickets to opening night were as coveted as it seems they still are. & it was always about the people. Fun!

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