dude looked like a jasmine

A couple of days ago, I got on the bus to go to work. I got to my bus stop, getting not on the first 135 bus but the second. I figured the second would be less crowded and therefore I’d get a seat.

I was correct. Towards the back, an aisle facing seat where I could sit and play Scrabble on my iPhone. As I was getting settled in, I happened to look up and notice the cute guy sitting across from me. He wore dark Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. A striped hoodie, jeans, and black Converse All-Stars.

I was wearing almost the exact same outfit, only my sunnies were oversized black plastic Wayfarer knockoffs, and the stripes of my hoodie were neon pink on white to his white on khaki green. Otherwise, we could have been twins. It was like looking in a dude mirror.

And my reflection was pretty fucking hot.


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One response to “dude looked like a jasmine

  1. Very Cute…I want that hoodie too! (I have the rest.)

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