C25K – week 1 workout 2


  • This time I stretched a bit before I started my workout. It helped a little but jogging was even harder this time. Calves seized up and I felt heavier this evening.
  • Evening was cool. It would have been cold but there was little wind. It was perfect. Again, I dread when the weather gets warmer/more humid.
  • I thought about turning back when the C25K app told me I was at the halfway point, but by that point I was bopping along and I didn’t want to turn around. I decided then to end my walk somewhere near the 151/156 bus route that runs through Lincoln Park. I could take the bus home.
  • Yes, there was bopping. I figured if I couldn’t jog for the “run” parts I should do something extra. I was no longer on the lakefront trail south of Diversey, winding up instead along the harbor. Lots of geese and terns paid me no mind as I danced along to my mix.
  • The moon was out tonight. It was really pretty.
  • Oh yeah, I tried doing it without socks this time. Something in or about my right shoe was rubbing my foot the wrong so I got a blister. A blister! Does this mean I’m a real shuffler now?

I’m planning my next workout for Saturday morning around 8am. I am not a morning person. But I think it’s the only time I can do it. Maybe Saturday evening? Don’t want to leave it until Sunday.


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