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Saturday morning voice class was good. No new songs as the photocopier was busted. Ken, another student in my class, was all “There’s only one copier?” I know, right? So instead we sang a song that Gwen had given out in class previously but we hadn’t yet practiced. Do I remember what that song was now? No.

But then we tried “Whispering Grass” again, which is gorgeous but such a major bummer.

As a treat, we sang “Crying Time” at the end of class. Which is a total bummer, too. Why are these songs we sing in class so freakin’ sad?

After class, I headed to Logan Square to check out the pastry market at Logan Square Kitchen. I stopped at the post office to mail a little thank you gift to Nite for hosting Ham Saturday. I focused on finding the right size Priority Mail box, but not so much that I was not paying attention to the cute dude across from me at the packaging table. He was very intent on packing up two cardboard boxes of stuff. There may have been some bashing of cardboard and ripping of plastic strips off adhesive. It was kind of a turn-on, I have to admit. Sadly, he was oblivious.

It was a beautiful day for pastry but when I got to LSK and saw the very tiny line outside the space, like six people tops, I just couldn’t make myself get in line and start waiting. I think I was very hungry. Revolution Brewing was just a few doors down, but I wasn’t really feeling that either. Which is weird because I really liked it the one time I went with Elisa, and I fully intend to go again.

I had no idea what I wanted to do. Which happens a lot on Saturdays when the only thing I have planned is voice class. It was a beautiful day. I got on the Fullerton bus, resolving to take it to Trotter’s To Go. I’d pick up some expensive but tasty snacks, then get back on the bus and make my way to Oz Park for a picnic. Good, right? But on the bus, I got distracted by people, and how sometimes I dislike them.

Like there was this family, a man and a woman, their young son, and a toddler daughter asleep in a stroller. Naturally, there was no folding up the stroller, which was the size of a Buick. Mom and son sat in a pair of seats behind the Buick, while dad and dad’s friend stood up. The two men took swigs out of cans of Monster Energy drink and ogled women who got on the bus and walked past them towards the back. That annoyed me very much. And I wasn’t doing well already, as I hadn’t eaten since the croissant I’d stuffed in my mouth right before class at 10:40. Also I’d been dying to take off my tights on what was turning into an almost hot afternoon. If I were completely shameless, I would have doffed them while I was waiting for the bus on Fullerton but oh well.

Then my attention went to this young woman who got on somewhere near DePaul. She wore an embellished tank, skinny ripped jeans, and blue leopard print satin platform heels. It was, to me anyway, a Friday night look that didn’t quite make the leap to Saturday afternoon. I wondered if this was a bus ride of shame. And if it was, who gives a shit? Okay, maybe she did. The girl did seem to keep her eyes downcast through the bus ride, and then when she got off at Sheffield to catch the red line.

I ended up going home with my food, eating a small tub of Trotter’s double chocolate pudding while watching HGTV. Which was every bit as awesome as it sounds. I checked to see if a few pals wanted to go for a walk that evening. As soon as I did that “Coming to America” started on ABC Family. So of course I ended up watching that instead.

Guys, I spent another Saturday night in. Boo! What a shame. What a sin. Just awful, what with the lovely weather and me being single and awesome and fun and shit. So I lived vicariously through some folks on Twitter.

And I was all, “That sucks! How dare that girl, giving a bad rap to white cardigan & pearl wearing girls like me!”

Was I feeling especially repentant after my observation of Friday night girl on the bus earlier? Yes. Also, @ejacqui’s previously tweeted pic of her outfit indicated she looked cute so WTF, cardigan lady?

Game recognize game, people. It is not hard. Just do it. You’ll feel better.

My evening ended with “Saturday Night Live”. I was excited about Tina Fey returning to host, and by most reports I’ve read (blog posts, tweets, etc.) most folks were, too. I was happy to see Legaci backing Justin Bieber on his hit song “Baby”. Not only because Legaci’s own take on “Baby” with Cathy Nguyen and Traphik is so awesome and dreamy, but hello? ASIAN PEOPLE ON SNL! When does that happen?

Note: Legaci are not the dancers. You can’t see them (they’re up in the upper left-hand corner, in the DARK). According to Questlove, they killed at the soundcheck:

My new goal in life (please, like I had any goals before) is to be “an Asian temptation”.


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