spring lambs

I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

I spent Easter Sunday morning in near indolence. I think I did eventually shower, and put on a clean dress. It was a nice day, but not nearly as gorgeous weather-wise as the Thursday and Friday before it. I meandered around Millennium Park with Khloé and Jeff and their baby, and Joe and Jacinda and their baby. Mainly we strolled while talking about grown-up topics like real estate and schools until it started raining, storming in fact, and we ended up at The Gage for a snack.

It was an expensive snack (I ended up having dinner, actually) but so delicious. I split an order of the poutine with Khloé and Jeff. Jacinda and Joe ordered some squash and bacon and fried zucchini for Hyacinth, while Joe got this huge bowl of curry fries. I couldn’t finish my burger, and neither could Jeff. Probably because I was so full from the awesome carrot soup, and the mashed potatoes that I got with my burger.

But let me tell you about the soda. The housemade soda that tasted like orange blossoms and Earl Grey tea. It was so good I wanted to make out with it, then make an honest beverage out of it and marry it. I ordered two. Jacinda had a sip of my first soda and she ordered one for herself. Dudes, this soda was $5. You know how in Pulp Fiction when Vincent Vega takes Mia Wallace to Jack Rabbit Slim’s and she orders a $5 milkshake?

Yeah, like that, only Jacinda and I didn’t get up and win a dance contest after we had our sodas. But if there had been a dance contest, you know we totally would have won.


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