dinner with friends

This post is going to seem out of order, date-wise. I think because I took too long a break from updating this blog with the excuse that it was my birthday and then it was Easter and then I had too much television to catch up on. Never again!

I had dinner with Elisa and Jeff last week, the Monday before my birthday. We went to Semiramis. Elisa had a Groupon for the place, which is right around the corner from her apartment. For a Monday night, the place was busy. Maybe everybody had a Groupon, too. Then again, it is located just across the street from the Kezie Brown line stop, so it would be super easy to stop there to dine in or get takeout on the way home. Also, the food? Cheap and delicious. Oh man, I got chicken and fattoush and stuffed grape leaves and hummus. How do you say “NOM NOM NOM” in Lebanese Arabic? Because I need to know.

What did we talk about at dinner? Oh, I’ve forgotten, though I’m pretty sure we talked about Elisa’s trip to New York City to see Nada Surf play a bunch of shows, and maybe what I’d be doing for my birthday. Jeff’s been busy working. He’s a massage therapist — book an appointment at http://jefframonelmt.com. He’s also been biking, as spring has kinda sorta maybe finally began.

Tuesday, I did birthday stuff, and then Wednesday I came back to work with cupcakes for my co-workers. They were appropriately stoked. I was just glad I had brought enough, with extras.

Seriously! I brought, like, seven cupcakes to Andrew and Rozi’s for dinner with them and little Nathan. Having just sold their condo, but having not yet found a new place, they’re camping out at Andrew’s parents apartment. They’re in one of those huge high-rises on Lake Shore Drive that look retro and modern at the same time. It was almost like being at Sterling-Cooper, walking into their big lobby. Right until I got into their elevator and was nearly run over by a trio of elderly folk on their way out to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather with a walk by the lake.

“I think I ran into your neighbors Jesus, Socrates, and Buddha in the lobby.” I stepped into Andrew and Rozi’s apartment, handing the box of cupcakes to Andrew. They laughed.

“Oh, this building is either retirees or really young people just out of college. Nothing in between.” Andrew grinned while I hugged him and Rozi hello. Nathan regarded me wearily from the couch. Eventually, Nathan warmed up, and he frolicked as Andrew gave me the tour of the apartment. Gorgeous view of the lake from the bedroom, where Nathan slept on a tiny air mattress at the food of his parents’ bed. Andrew showed me Nathan’s latest trick, which is hiding in the laundry basket. Andrew and Nathan like to surprise their neighbors in the laundry room.

I made this video of the two boys while Rozi finished up getting dinner (brisket!) ready:


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