under the weather

I’ve been sick for most of last week. Not anything horrible, just the usual cold that comes after a few days of wearing my spring coat when I should have been wearing my winter coat. It’s dumb, I know, but wearing a winter coat after March 20 is just wrong. You would think that after 15 years of living in Chicago, and enduring its winters, would have taught me something. Like how winter is over only when it says it’s over, not when I think it is. The proof is in the sore throat, runny nose, and clogged ears I had all last week.

It wasn’t terrible, this cold. My colds generally aren’t. I went to work, tried to remember to wear a scarf around my throat when I went outside. Still, though, I spent the latter half of the week sounding like Kathleen Turner. Not sexy-pants Kathleen Turner from Body Heat or Romancing The Stone. More like Kathleen Turner in Marley & Me.

I thought I’d rally in time for voice class on Saturday but my throat felt like it had been scraped by razor blades when I woke up that morning. I logged onto Facebook to send a message to my teacher Gwen, then drank some Dayquil. I thought about mixing it with something, but Dayquil with a Diet Coke chaser did not sound appetizing.

I felt like I felt fine. Like if I could just get upright, I could totally take a shower and go out for lunch. Maybe cruise over to Uncle Fun to look at toys. But there mere thought of that was exhausting. I lay in bed all day, watching movies on Netflix.com, and wondered what I missing out on. I was determined to be better in time for my pseudo birthday brunch the next day. Of course, I still stayed up a bit late Saturday night to watch Beyond the Valley of the Dolls on cable. I love that damn movie.

Brunch was great. Pictures, in case you haven’t seen them already, are here. Attendees were: Rozi, Andrew, Nathan (I always want to type “little Nathan” even though he hasn’t been a baby in quite a while), Alissa, Jon, and Nite. We had to wait for a bit while our table was prepared (Andrew went up and checked, taking Nathan with him — how can you resist an adorable child?), so the drinks we ordered (four bloody marys and a mimosa) were comped by the restaurant. Thanks, Publican!

I got to sit next to Nathan. He sported an R2-D2 temporary tattoo on his right forearm. At least, I think it was temporary. Andrew and Rozi are pretty hip, I think, so maybe they let him get a real one? But then, isn’t tattooing minors illegal?

For you foodie types, here is what was ordered and consumed:

  • Fresh ricotta & honey with cherries, beer bread & pistachio
  • Waffle with blueberry preserves & honey butter
  • Kielbasa sausage with fingerling potatoes, aooles, mustard & poached egg
  • Scrapple with fried egg & sourdough
  • Walnut bread
  • Dark chocolate chip scone
  • Pork Rinds
  • Bacon (not the Publican bacon, alas — they ran out! —but still very good)
  • Hash browns

Topics of conversation included but were not limited to (as I recall):

  • moving
  • Jesse James, Sandra Bullock, and their marital woes
  • tattooing
  • accessories (Rozi was wearing this gorgeous feathered brooch on her sweater and I made her tell me where she got it)

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