A. O. Scott knows my life

I was read A. O. Scott’s review of Hot Tub Time Machine earlier. He named Hot Tub Time Machine a Critic’s Pick. Ha!

I happened to like HTTM when I saw it earlier this month, so his review didn’t have to do much to convince me. I was struck, though, by one passage that I felt not only described the movie but, well, me. Self-centered much? Shut up, you know you love me.

The passage (okay, a snippet, a fragment) is as follows:

“minor lapses in wit are immediately overtaken by major (and therefore hilarious) lapses in taste”

Did you see that? It’s like he was talking about MEEEEE. Or maybe this is more appropriate?

“It’s fun, it’s sad, and it’s kind of sad that it’s so much fun.”

A. O. Scott, have you been reading my blog? Leave a comment! I think you’re cute!


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